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Facebook Tools for Business


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A compilation of 30 Facebook tools for businesses to take advantage of. Most of them are FREE!!

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Facebook Tools for Business

  1. 1. Presents Facebook Apps For Business
  2. 2. Blog Promotion
  3. 3. NetworkedBlogs: Allows your blog and blogs you would like to follow to appear in your Facebook profile.
  4. 4. Notes: This is application on Facebook by default that allows you to share articles and get updated on your friends’ articles.
  5. 5. Social RSS: Allows you to add your online journals or any form of RSS Feeds to your wall or boxes (will soon be discontinued) or even create new tabs especially for your feeds.
  6. 6. Simplaris Blogcast: Simple way for user to put together his/her blog into facebook. Friends of user will get notified if user add a new post to his/her blog.
  7. 7. Business / Self Promotion
  8. 8. Define Me: Allows others to assess you or your business(es) without identifying themselves with either good or bad comments.
  9. 9. GLPrint Business Card: Allows you to create your online business card using wide range of tools provided and post it on your profile.
  10. 10. IEndorse: Allows you to send and gather endorsements which in turn determines your level of reputation. It stores business database. Thus, you can easily search for a business you are looking for.
  11. 11. My Business Blinkweb: Allows your website to be seen by everyone who also uses this application.
  12. 12. Professional Profile: Allows you to distinct another side yourself in a new tab. You are also able to customize your contacts between the different tabs created.
  13. 13. Posted Items: Allows you to share information about yourself or from the web such as photos, articles and videos by posting them to your profile.
  14. 14. Testimonials: Similar to IEndorse and Define Me, it allows friends and other people to leave comments about you or your business(es) that builds your or your business(es)’s reputation.
  15. 15. Communication
  16. 16. Calliflower: Allows you to participate in cost-free conference calls around the world!
  17. 17. Smart Phone: Allows you to make calls and even conference calls from Facebook.
  18. 18. SmartMessage Center: A great application to organize events with clear and neat replies. It also allows easy classification of members under different categories.
  19. 19. Telephone: Just like your Yahoo or Msn Messenger, this application allows you to call, conference call, and send instant messages with your Facebook, MSN, AIM and Yahoo contacts.
  20. 20. VoiceMail: Chat over Facebook and even leave voice messages on walls and photos!
  21. 21. Networking
  22. 22. Introductions: Helps you to introduce fully about yourself so that others can get to know you more.
  23. 23. My LinkedIn Profile: Market yourself through LinkedIn by creating a badge and post it on your profile.
  24. 24. Socialfly: Allows you to organize contacts, set reminders and jot notes. A great organizing tool.
  25. 25. Tag Biz Business Network: An application that allows you to expand your network at the time consuming rate as you are able to directly search for similar business or people.
  26. 26. Workin’ It!: An application which shares information regarding your working experience, skills possessed and level of education in hope of getting a job. It also creates opportunity to thank your employers, employees or friends which in turn helps to build positive relationships.
  27. 27. Xing: Helps you to recognize your network value and compares it with values. You can post this to your profile for others to view.
  28. 28. Collaboration
  29. 29. Workspaces by Huddle: For people who needs some privacy in Facebook. Allows you to share and organize documents only with certain friends instead of everyone.
  30. 30. MyOffice: Allows a simpler way of collaboration of meetings and projects with business partners, clients or colleagues.
  31. 31. Audio / Visual
  32. 32. Video: Allows you to upload and share videos of your own or send video messages to friends.
  33. 33. PodCast Player: Allows you to create your own podcast and share it on your Facebook profile.
  34. 34. SlideShare: Allows you create your own slideshows or presentations, post it to your profile and share with your friends. Able to add audio and video into your presentations as well.
  35. 35. Miscellaneous
  36. 36. JD Supra Docs: A place for lawyers and law firms to stream and share useful articles, documents and other publications to their Facebook profiles.
  37. 37. Memorable Web Address for Profile or Group: Allows easy remembering of websites. For instance, if your profile website id is fill with numbers and difficult to remember, you can edit your profile’s url to your name or something easy to remember by yourself and others.
  38. 38. MyMoney: A home banking application which helps you manage your finances. You can also transfer funds and view transaction histories.
  39. 39. Page Maps: Allows you to post your company’s location map on your profile. Simple and friendly to use.
  40. 40. Static FBML: Allows you to add additional functionalities to customize your Facebook profile to create a different feel.
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