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Final paper psy 202


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Final paper psy 202

  1. 1. WAS, AM, AND HOPE TO BE!!!The life story of Carolyn Velasco PSY202 CHAPTER 2 Peggy Allen September 2, 2012
  2. 2. 1. How is a family from the country different from the city? a) Chores b) Fun when out of town family comes to visit c) Working in the fields d) Working together to get ready for winter2. What was it like to have a new Baby in the house at 13 years old? a) The news of a new member of the family to arrive in 6 months b) We live in a little 3 room house where is it going to sleep c) What are we going to name it3. Summer was hard work so did you like the winter time? a) School b) 3 buses to get to school c) After school sports d) Skating parties4. What did you look forward to in a country school? a) Holidays b) Class parties c) Field trips d) Grade school graduation5. What was High School like? a) 4 grade schools 1 high school b) Working side by side c) Home coming game d) Graduation