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FATA REFORMS COUNCILS AND THE SHAHEED BHUTTO FOUNDATIONThe Shaheed Bhutto Foundation (SBF), is a non-profit, apolitical an...
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FATA Reforms Councils and SBF Profile


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FATA Reforms Councils and SBF Profile

  1. 1. FATA REFORMS COUNCILS AND THE SHAHEED BHUTTO FOUNDATIONThe Shaheed Bhutto Foundation (SBF), is a non-profit, apolitical and nongovernmental welfareorganization, founded on December 3, 2005. The Foundation envisages having a prosperous Pakistanwhere justice prevails and citizens are valued irrespective of their race, religion, political opinion orgender.In 2008, SBF engaged tribal leaders, political parties and civil society during a series of regionalworkshops in FATA. More than 300 tribal representatives participated in the workshops and identifiedtheir reform priorities. The roundtables and experts’ conferences organized by the SBF brought to light anumber of realistic and workable recommendations never before discussed or debated.The recommendations were later presented to the President of Pakistan on January 24, 2009. ThePresident--while considering the recommendations--assured the tribal leaders that their recommendationswould be implement as soon as possible after receiving feedback from the government.On August 14, 2009 the Hon’ble President, hearing the voices of the neglected people of FATA,announced the Presidential Reforms Package 2011. Following enactment of the reforms package inAugust 2011, the first ever party-based elections took place in FATA and the seeds for democracy weresown. Though all recommendations as presented by SBF were not approved, the reforms didaccommodate the major recommendations proposed by FATA citizens. The reforms made gains towardmainstreaming FATA in the political domain by extension of the Political Parties Order and substantialamendments to the archaic and unpopular Frontier Crimes Regulation of 1901.Now, four years later, realizing that there is still much to be done, SBF has again activated its channelsacross FATA and organized a series of workshops, including tribal citizens from all seven agencies andfrontier regions (FRs) of FATA, tribal students and women, representing a cross-section of society. TheseFATA citizens organized in FATA Reforms Councils and debated and deliberated on the state ofimplementation of 2011 reforms and recommended further reforms. These workshops were heldthroughout 2012 and 2013.Following discussions and recommendations by individual FATA Reforms Councils, SBF broughttogether all participants under one roof to come to consensus, thereby converting the recommendationsand suggestions from the workshops into a unified and united FATA Declaration. In this regard a FATAGrand Assembly was held in Peshawar on June 22, 2013.On behalf of the citizens of FATA, the unanimously approved FATA Declaration will now be presented byFATA Reforms Council members to the highest political authority, the President of the Islamic Republicof Pakistan.June 22, 2013* * *