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All Bajaur Political Parties Alliance agenda and FATA reforms recommendations (7 Oct 2013)


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All Bajaur Political Parties Alliance agenda and FATA reforms recommendations (7 Oct 2013)

  1. 1. FATA All Parties Conference October 7, 2013 Agenda The All Bajaur Political Parties Alliance formulated the following four-point agenda for a FATA All Parties Conference held on October 7, 2013: 1. 2. 3. 4. Identification of tribal issues Suggestions for the solution of issues Defining the role of political parties Strategies for future plans FATA Issue Matrix Issue What do we want? Role of political parties 1 War and chaos Peace Alliance and unity 2 Drone attacks Cessation of drone attacks Continuation of APC 3 FATA deprivation from LG elections LG elections in line with provinces Protest in Islamabad or staging a sit in 4 Delay in implementation of FCR reforms Implementation of announced reforms Political alliances to be setup in every agency 5 Irregularities in the development activities of NGOs in FATA, wastage of funds, and non-local staff Establishment of an effective monitoring cell for NGOs, and to recruit local staff in them 6 FATA is excluded in six-point program of the Prime Minister Include FATA in the program 7 Tribal citizens are neglected in Further reforms should take consultative process when considering place according to the wishes reforms in FCR and future of FATA of tribal citizens 8 Economic depression in FATA due to Announcement of financial continuous military operations package for FATA 9 Negligence of tribal citizens in talks with Taliban Representation of tribal citizens in dialogue with Taliban 10 FATA parliamentarians are deprived of legislative rights for FATA in any constitutional forum Establishment of elected FATA council or constitutional forum vested with power to enact reforms