What is Sound2Serve?


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With Sound2Serve you can create branded, music promotion campaigns using your public and private tracks from SoundCloud.

You can set up & manage templates, mailing lists and campaigns.

While running campaigns using Sound2Serve, you are building up your statistics on your SoundCloud profile at the same time. When your campaign is finished and you are ready to publish your tracks to the community, every play, download and comment* is shown with each track!

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What is Sound2Serve?

  1. 1. www.soundtoserve.com
  2. 2. What is Sound2Serve?With Sound2Serve you can create branded, music promotion campaigns using your publicand private tracks from SoundCloud.You can set up & manage templates, mailing lists and campaigns. www.soundtoserve.com
  3. 3. What is Sound2Serve?The process is very simple:1. Upload your high quality .mp3 or .wav to SoundCloud; fill in all the information about the tracks and upload the artwork images. Mark them as private (or not) and enable downloads.2. Create a new campaign in Sound2Serve; select the template, select the tracks you uploaded on SoundCloud, enter + select the information of the campaign. This takes less than a minute.3. Deliver the campaign to one or multiple mailing lists; send the campaign right away, and/or schedule deliveries in the future. Monitor the activity (views, plays, downloads, rating, comments) and receive feedback to help you promote your tracks.4. At the end of the campaign period, replace the full track on SoundCloud with a preview and mark it public. Sharing your tracks with the community including all the plays, downloads and comments* you collected through your Sound2Serve campaign.*Comments are posted back to SoundCloud only if the recipient has connected theirSoundCloud account as well. www.soundtoserve.com
  4. 4. What is a template?By creating templates you can customize the look & feel of your campaign. Each templateconsists of a part related to the email that is sent to your subscribers and a part that isrelated to the design of the campaign page.Email settingsWhen you deliver a campaign to a mailinglist, the recipients receive a personalizedemail with the custom message you’veentered in the delivery form and informationwith a link to the campaign page.You can set 3 parameters for this email:1. From field name2. Reply to email3. Website URL www.soundtoserve.com
  5. 5. What is a template?Campaign page settingsOnce a recipient clicks on the link in the email tothe campaign page, a webpage is opened thatpresents your tracks with the selected info. Thispage can be customized so it fits the look & feelof your brand.You can upload a header and footer image andset the colors for differentparts of this campaign pagesuch as font, links, hovers,Backgrounds and the player. www.soundtoserve.com
  6. 6. What is a mailing list?Mailing lists are a way to categorize your contacts. Not everyone is interested in the same type ofmusic, so the better you group your contacts the easier it will be to target the right people withthe right music, resulting in more and better feedback.You can add subscribers to your lists manually or by importing a csv file.ContactsContact records consist of the following information:Email, Name, Affiliation, Display Name, Description and Country.Email, Name and Country are required.Display Name and Description are for your internal use only. The Display Name is used on yourfeedback reports.We keep only 1 contact record per email address in our database. If you enter an email addressthat does not yet exist in our database, you will be asked to provide the Name, Affiliation, DisplayName, Description and Country.When you save this new record, the Name, Affiliation and Country become under the control ofthe email owner. They can update their information when it changes, keeping your contact info upto date at the same time.If you enter an email address that already exists in our database, we will provide you with theName, Affiliation and Country. www.soundtoserve.com
  7. 7. What is a mailing list? Subscribers You can add a contact as a subscriber to one or more mailing lists (manually or by csv file import). When you add a subscriber to a mailing list for the very first time, they will receive an email notification about it. This only happens once! Your contacts can unsubscribe and also re-subscribe to your mailing lists as long as you don’t delete them. www.soundtoserve.com
  8. 8. What is a campaign?A campaign is a presentation of your music. This presentation is a combination of atemplate, a title, description and tracks + information you pull from SoundCloud. www.soundtoserve.com
  9. 9. What is a campaign?DeliveriesYou can deliver this campaign to people and invite them to listen to and download your tracks, get theirfeedback and hopefully their support as well.You can schedule different deliveries of your campaign at different moments providing a start date andend date for each delivery. As soon as the start date of a delivery is reached, the campaign is sent towhatever mailing list you have included in it. You will be able to focus on other tasks in the meantime.For example: the first week of the campaign period you can send it to top tastemaker DJs. The secondweek you can deliver it to music journalists and reviewers including some of the feedback you alreadycollected in the first week. The third week you can send it to another group of people and so on.When the end date is reached,the recipient can still checkthe campaign out, but nolonger leave feedback anddownload the tracks.You can enter a custommessage per delivery in anylanguage. This message getsincluded in the email that getssent to your subscribers. www.soundtoserve.com
  10. 10. What is a campaign? Feedback & Statistics Every campaign includes a 3-step feedback form. Recipients have to pick a favorite track, rate the package and leave a comment to enable downloads. The feedback comment and rating is posted onto the campaign page and is listed in the ‘Feedback’ tab of the campaign in your account. You can export this feedback in a pdf report. www.soundtoserve.com
  11. 11. What is a campaign? You will be able to monitor all views, plays, downloads, ratings and comments of all campaigns and per campaign. You can easily access all data via the ‘Statistics’ menu. www.soundtoserve.com
  12. 12. What is a campaign?Build your SoundCloud profileWhile running campaigns using Sound2Serve, you are building up your statistics on yourSoundCloud profile at the same time. When your campaign is finished and you are ready topublish your tracks to the community, every play, download and comment* is shown witheach track!*Comments are posted back toSoundCloud only if the recipienthas connected their SoundCloudaccount as well. www.soundtoserve.com
  13. 13. Recipients DashboardInboxes are flooded with promo emails these days. Weve tried to make life a bit easier forrecipients.In the recipient’s account settings,they are able to update theircontact information. They can alsohook up their own SoundCloudaccount and when they do, theirfeedback comments get postedback on SoundCloud. The commentis posted below the track theypicked as their favorite in yourcampaign.You can check whether a contacthas connected their SoundCloudaccount by opening the contact details pop-up. If you seetheir profile image and SoundCloud url, the connection isestablished. www.soundtoserve.com
  14. 14. Recipients DashboardIncoming Campaigns & ArchiveAll incoming campaigns that are sent to the recipient through Sound2Serve are listed in the‘Promos’ menu. When a recipient has checked out a campaign they have the option toarchive it. This enables them to keep their incoming list clean.Expired CampaignsWhen the end date of a campaigndelivery is reached, it will auto-matically be moved to the‘Expired’ list. The recipient can stillcheck campaigns that are listed here, but the feedback form anddownload are disabled. If you deletea campaign it gets deleted on therecipient’s side as well. www.soundtoserve.com
  15. 15. Recipients DashboardSubscriptionsRecipients can manage their own subscriptions. They are able to unsubscribe and re-subscribe on mailing list level. They can mark mailing lists as a favorite. By doing this, allincoming campaigns get a ‘star’ icon.Many DJs travel constantly and if they want to check new promo tracks from their favoriteartists or labels quickly before an important gig, they can filter their incoming campaignslist simply by clicking the ‘Show favorites’ button. www.soundtoserve.com
  16. 16. Sound2Serve Contact & InformationWe hope this brief presentation will help you get on your way with Sound2Serve.You can find step by step tutorials on our blog: http://blog.soundtoserve.com/howtoIf you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a webinar, please get in touch withus via www.soundtoserve.com www.soundtoserve.com