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Marketing Strategies


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Marketing Strategies

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Marketing Strategies

  1. 1. 7 Marketing StrategiesThat Build Businesses Presented By: Denise & Sharon
  2. 2. Bonus Tip !!! Begin with the end in mind....What do you want to achieve ? A ‘Wish’ is a goal that hasn’t been written down...write down exactly what you want to achieve. Use the SMART formula
  3. 3. 1.Three Ways To Grow a Business Average transaction valueNumber of clients Frequency of transactions
  4. 4. 2. Pick Your Niche….It is so much easierBe specific-Customer type/localityCreate your ‘Dorothy Boyd’Research themHang out with themTarget them and make an offer
  5. 5. 3.Have a Marketing and Sales Strategy?Marketing….. Selling…..
  6. 6. 3.Have a Marketing and Sales Strategy? “Research studies have shown that small businesses with a marketing plan experience a 24 to 30 % improvement in sales over those without” Small Business Marketing Practice
  7. 7. 3.Have a Marketing and Sales Strategy?Who……………?What ………….?How……………?When…………?What…………..?
  8. 8. 4.Have a Marketing Budget That is what serious business owners do It is an investment not a cost Test and Measure Ask questionsKeep up with developments
  9. 9. 5.Blended Marketing: Off and Online MarketingHave an online presence that works ( SEO brings rewards)Use social networking ( Google recognises it!)7 points of contactTelemarketing|Email marketing|DirectmailNetworking and Referral
  10. 10. 6. Build a Targeted Database 33 Marketing and Sales Tips
  11. 11. 6. Build a Data Base – Give them somethingthey want
  12. 12. 7. Constant Contact………….Engagement Know Like Trust
  13. 13. Connect.....
  14. 14. SummaryFocus on Your 3 AreasPick a nicheHave a marketing and sales planInvest in a marketing budget ( 10% of Turnover)Blended MarketingBuild a Targeted databaseConstant contact (remember the 7 rule)
  15. 15. Fast Track Your SalesTo Get Our Free 33 Sales and Marketing Tip that WORK sign up at 0845 257 0073