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Rohit Talwar - Convention 2020 and Hotels 2020 - Copenhagen 09 06 11


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Presentation to travel and meetings industry in Copenhagen on innovative travel solutions, Convention 2020 and Hotels 2020

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Rohit Talwar - Convention 2020 and Hotels 2020 - Copenhagen 09 06 11

  1. 1. Competing for Tomorrow Copenhagen June 9th 2011 Rohit Talwar CEO – Fast Future
  2. 2. Convention 2020• Global strategic foresight study to help the meetings industry prepare for the decade ahead - Industry-wide sponsors• Multiple outputs Nov 2009 – December 2011• Current studies on future strategies for venues and destinations
  3. 3. Hotels 2020: Beyond Segmentation Objectives• Identify change drivers and key success characteristics for the globally branded hotel sector over the next decade• Examine the implications for: – Hotel strategy – Brand portfolio – Business models – Customer targeting – Innovation
  4. 4. Ambitious Tourism Goals
  5. 5. Outstanding Natural Heritage
  6. 6. So where are the Opportunities?
  7. 7. Community Engagement - Aruba
  8. 8. City Regeneration - Malmo
  9. 9. City Branding - Berlin
  10. 10. Partner and Be Magnetic
  11. 11. Create Tolerance of Uncertainty
  12. 12. Using Social Media
  13. 13. Tourism Co-creation
  14. 14. Business Events
  15. 15. Museum Partnerships
  16. 16. Cultural Events
  17. 17. Art Exhibits
  18. 18. Gourmet Experiences
  19. 19. Distinctive Experiences
  20. 20. Agri-Tourism –25% Income boost to Farmers
  21. 21. What Could we do Tomorrow?
  22. 22. What key trendsand changing client priorities are you seeing in your business? Image source:
  23. 23. Growth is not GuaranteedImage source: Piper Report
  24. 24. The Market is Very Competitive. ..
  25. 25. Thinking is Back in FashionImage source:
  26. 26. Demographic Destinies 2 billion more people in 40 years –Demographics is Driving Economics 448 739 691 5231 344 1998 4157 729 1030 585 2010 2050 Source : United Nations
  27. 27. Generational Diversity Lifespans are IncreasingDeveloped economy ‘under50’s’ have 90% chance of livingto 100.Aubrey de Grey suggests wecould live to 500 or 1000What are the implications forevent design?What kind of opportunities willbe created?Image source:
  28. 28. Business Model / ROI Innovation Free or FantasticImage source:
  29. 29. What I Want – When I WantImage sources L-R: / /
  30. 30. Barriers to Effectiveness What do you consider are the biggest problems today that stop conferences and exhibitions from being fully effective? 30697 respondents (03/10) No. of Respondents
  31. 31. Factors influencing the decision to attend in 2020 (03/10)Imagine your life in 2020, what are the factors that would encourage you to attend live events such as conferences and exhibitions? % of Respondents 31
  32. 32. Less but Bigger? By 2020, compared to today, I expect there to be fewer but larger conferences and exhibitions covering wide topics, industrysectors, or "communities of interest" - with less choice of which events to attend, but much more choice within the events themselves. 32Image source: Qatar National Convention Centre 1085 respondents
  33. 33. More, Smaller and Specialized?By 2020, compared to today, I expect there to be a greater choice of manymore smaller, highly specialized conferences, exhibitions and meetings - there will be much more competition from events wanting me to attend. 33Image source: 1090 respondents
  34. 34. Event Design Priorities 2011 Extend use of Increase Retain existing social media networking sponsors and around an event opportunities exhibitorsImage sources: / /
  35. 35. Association Event Priorities 2011 Demonstrate Differentiate Identify benefits / event benefits to events in the proof of value for potential face of increased sponsors and delegates competition exhibitorsImage sources: /
  36. 36. Event Management Strategies 2015 Greater focus Stronger focus Increased on capturing on emphasis on the the knowledge personalization overall ‘meeting generated at and maximizing architecture’ to an event individual ensure delivery learning against objectivesImage sources: / /
  37. 37. Alternative Event Business Models 2015 Presentations All sessions Sponsorship streamed live to available on a based on level of the web pay per view interest or actual basis after the business event generatedImage sources: / /
  38. 38. Venue Priorities 2011 Provide free Create lower More flexible broadband cost operating service offerings to wireless access models meet customer demand 38Image sources: / /
  39. 39. Venue Strategies 2015 Offer full AV Offer a full Full e-solution package meeting planning to event service to help organisers attract events 39Image sources: / /
  40. 40. Venue Business Models 2015 Grow leisure Outsource Create new and retail to management to events alone diversify third party or with revenues specialists partners 40Image sources: /
  41. 41. Destination Priorities 2011 Find differentiators Use web /social Prioritise key in the face of media more to events, industries intense promote the and associations competition destination to target 41Image sources: / /
  42. 42. Destination Strategies 2015 Show ROI for Show longer More event term contribution extensive owners/delegates to economic data mining developmentImage sources: / /
  43. 43. Event Agency Priorities 2011 Attract new Maintain the Maximize customers existing customer delegate base satisfactionImage sources: / /
  44. 44. Event Agency Strategies 2015 Develop solutions Look more like Focus onwhich help clients management developing a deepcapture and re-use consultancies – understanding of the knowledge providing a range of client business generated at additional consulting strategies and events and research services prioritiesImage sources: / /
  45. 45. What key trendsand changing client priorities are you seeing in your business? Image source:
  46. 46. Event Innovation –What are your best examples?
  47. 47. Sydney VividJoined up Thinking
  48. 48. Adelaide Convention Centre Creating Experiences source: Adelaide Convention Centre
  49. 49. Global Franchise - TEDImage source:
  50. 50. Personal and Immersive e.g. Globe Forum Silent ConferenceImage source:
  51. 51. Event Camp Twin Cities The Audience are the EventImage source:
  52. 52. Embrace Collaboration – Design e.g LIFTImage sources: /
  53. 53. Embrace Collaboration – Events e.g GastroImage source:
  54. 54. Food Service Network Total ImmersionImage source:
  55. 55. PCMA Learning LoungeImage source:
  56. 56. Innotown – Simple and SlowImage source:
  57. 57. Trade Show Innovation• Routes / Network• Health Industry Distributors• United Food ProcessorsImage source: Imex
  58. 58. Food Inspiration - 1 Reinventing the Trade ShowImage sources: /
  59. 59. Food Inspiration - 2 Pop-up EventsImage source: /
  60. 60. Convention 2020 - Conclusions • Demand will hold up • Innovation required in formats, business models, capability and technology • Focus on ‘enabling business’ • Personalisation is key • ‘Total sustainability’ agendaImage sources: /
  61. 61. Next Steps – June – Dec 2011• Venue Strategies• Destination Strategies• Technology Timeline• Association Events• Corporate Events
  62. 62. Next Steps – How Can You Get Involved?• Future Reports – Give us Feedback• Take part in Pulse Surveys• Contribute Expert Papers• Run / Host a Workshop / Survey• Student Essay Competition• Suggest Research Topics - tell us what you’d like to see• Ask about the sponsorship
  63. 63. Hotels 2020Strategies and Service in an Era of Change and Personalisation
  64. 64. Hotels 2020 – Objectives• Identify key drivers of change for the globally branded hotel sector over the next decade• Examine the implications for: Hotel strategy Brand portfolio Business models Customer targeting Innovation
  65. 65. Hotels 2020 – Research Methods• Expert Interviews• Desk Research• Global Survey• Workshops (Delhi, Dubai)
  66. 66. Traveller Behaviours• Too Busy To Care• Complex Lives, Pressurised Finances• Craving Simplicity• Wealthy and Hard to Please
  67. 67. Tomorrow’s Traveler – Spending Patterns• By 2020, Asian consumers could account for over 40% of global middle class consumption• By 2014 female wealth could reach $18 trillion• Females could control 70% of global consumer spending
  68. 68. Tomorrow’s Traveler – Technology• Number of mobile subscribers could rise from 4Bn to 5Bn 2009-2015• Mobile data traffic to rise 300- fold by 2015 (Nokia).• By 2020 the range and nature of interaction technologies / customer ‘touch points’ will expand dramatically.• ‘Go nowhere’ gamers• Personal genetic profiles
  69. 69. SustainabilityEnvironmental considerations will play an increasing role inthe choice of business and leisure hotels. 606 Respondents
  70. 70. Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers – Solar Power, Geothermal Well, Eco-rooms
  71. 71. Hotels will increasingly consider factors such as cost of servicing, level of spend and average length of stay when targeting potential customers in different geographic markets 70 58 60 50 39 40 30 20 10593 Respondents 0 3 0 Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree
  72. 72. Hotel Categorization may Need to Evolve to Focus More on Service Than Facilities
  73. 73. Traveler motivations will become increasingly fragmented and diverse and harder to segment into clearly definable customer groupings604 Respondents
  74. 74. Hotel guests will expect their stay to be personalized around a set of choices they make at the time of booking or prior to arrival 60 50 50 42 40 30 20 10 7 1602 Respondents 0 Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree
  75. 75. The Emergence of Personalized Service Spectrums86% agreed that by 2020,personalization will have beenembraced wholeheartedly bythe sector and that ‘customerswill have the ability to choosethe size of room, type of bed,amenities, audio-visualfacilities, business equipment,etc. on booking and payaccordingly’.
  76. 76. Hotels will need to develop strong social media listening skills tounderstand how customer needs and perceptions of brands and servicequality are truly evolving and to develop service propositions, marketingmessages, and pricing solutions that reflect the needs of an increasingly diverse customer base. 60 54 50 42 40 30 20 10 4 0597 Respondents 0 Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree
  77. 77. Technology and Connectivity Drivers Hotels will increasingly look to new technologies todrastically increase efficiency, reduce costs, personalise the customer experience and improve service. 60 54 50 41 40 30 20 10 4 1 0605 Respondents Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree
  78. 78. Hotel Technology Development Roadmap to 2020Widespread Now Widespread by 2015 Widespread by 2020Relationship Management1.67 billion web users Dominance of online bookings 5 billion web usersRise of social meeting Evolution of Customer Intelligent Agents / SoftwareTravel planning Relationship Management AssistantTablet computers (CRM) Semantic WebWireless broadband High bandwidth wireless Intelligent WebVirtual Travel broadband Immersive Web (Use of web Speech Recognition and technology to deliver Language Translation in daily sensation, experience and use emotion)Personal TechnologyAugmented Reality (figure 3) Explosion Of Personal Display 5G Phones Devices Gesture Interfaces (figure 5) Mind Control Headsets (figure Heads Up Displays (figure 6) 4) 4G Phones Intelligent Interfaces
  79. 79. Hotel Technology Development Roadmap to 2020Widespread Now Widespread by 2015 Widespread by 2020Guestroom FunctionalityCentralized and 3D TV 4D TVpersonalized control of Multimedia Beds Sensor-Based Roommedia, lighting and IP Telephony Managementtemperature IPTV Personal Robots Smartphone Room Access In Room ConciergeMeeting Support Video Conferencing / Tele-presence Virtual Meetings And Hybrid Events
  80. 80. Hotel Technology Development Roadmap to 2020Widespread Now Widespread by 2015 Widespread by 2020Guest ServicesSelf Service Kiosks Interactive Displays Touchable Holographs3D Displays Interactive Surfaces Haptics Technology (allowing Near Field Communication users to physically feel (NFC) virtual objects on a computer) Quick-Response (QR) CodesBusiness Operations And ManagementCloud Computing Biometrics (E.G. Voice / Facial Recognition) RFIDData Security Ambient Intelligence Sensor Networks Hybrid Platforms Swarm Intelligence Monitoring And Surveillance (Analyzing Group Behavior) Knowledge Mining Remote Sensing Security Predictive Analytics Crowd Farming
  81. 81. Personalization
  82. 82. By 2020 global hotel groups will increasingly seek to cover the full spectrum from budget through to luxury and heritage properties606 Respondents
  83. 83. Hotel groups and owners may increasingly seek to co-locate different categories of hotel from budget to luxury in acommon location with shared catering and leisure facilities for use by all guests598 Respondents
  84. 84. By 2020 a new category of co-branded and co-designed ‘signature’ properties will emerge within hotel chainportfolios, providing differentiation and opening up ancillary revenue stream options By 2020 a new category of co-branded and co-designed ‘signature’ properties will emerge within hotel chain portfolios, providing differentiation and opening up ancillary revenue stream options 60 57 50 40 30 22 19 20 10 2 0590 Respondents Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree
  85. 85. By 2020 we will see the emergence of a new breed of unbranded hotelgroup, offering white label solutions- including sophisticated marketing, very high standards of service and advanced technology support while allowing owners to develop their own brands595 Respondents
  86. 86. The emergence of invitation-only hotels’ by 2020 The emergence of invitation-only hotels’ by 2020587 Respondents
  87. 87. By 2020 hotels will increasingly experiment with a range of business models602 Respondents
  88. 88. Hotels will use discount offers to capture a share of pre- and post-trip travel spend e.g. purchase of luggage, clothing, transportation, insurance, duty free etc.610 Respondents
  89. 89. Hotels will create their own catalogues of branded amenities, clothing, furniture and decorations610 Respondents
  90. 90. Hotels will increasingly provide additional business services e.g. translation, access to legal and accounting advice,secretarial support, company formation, organization of small meetings, etc610 Respondents
  91. 91. Staff and Service Highly trained staff backed up by technology will be key to delivering personalized service and experiences605 Respondents
  92. 92. Hotels 2020 – Key Characteristics ofSuccessful Players in Tomorrow’s World
  93. 93. 1. Deep understanding of an increasingly geographically, financially, generationally and attitudinally diverse and evolving customer base• Growth from emerging markets• Evolving demands of an aging population• Rising disparity and continued uncertainty in developed economies
  94. 94. 2. Immersive, tactile and multi-dimensional technology interfaces• Augmented reality creates digital overlay’s on the ‘real’ world• 3D projection and gesture interfaces © 2010 Amadeus IT Group will change how we view and interact SA with information
  95. 95. 3. Continuous search for ancillary revenues• Potential to capture more of total trip spending• Identification of new streams and © 2010 Amadeus IT Group merchandising opportunities SA
  96. 96. 4. Open, listening, collaborative and experimentalapproach to innovation96% believe that in theface of intense globalcompetition, the hotelindustry will develop astrong focus on strategyand innovation –adopting approaches © 2010 Amadeus IT Groupsuch as crowd sourcingand open innovation togenerate new ideas. SA
  97. 97. 5. An organization capable of surviving andthriving in turbulence and uncertainty• Prepare for a range of possible scenarios• Tolerance of uncertainty becomes a core competence
  98. 98. Hotels 2020: Conclusion• The hotel of the future will be a living laboratory – Constant experimentation and innovation – Every interaction a potential source of insight and ideas
  99. 99. Hotels 2020 – Beyond SegmentationThank You
  100. 100. Fast Future – Meetings Industry Services• Briefings and workshops for executive management and boards of venues, CVB’s and associations• Customised research on trends, technologies and new markets• Development of strategies and business plans• ‘Deep dives’ on key trends and technology developments• Consultancy and workshop facilitation on innovation and new business models 100
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  103. 103. Rohit Talwar• Global futurist and founder of Fast Future Research.• Award winning speaker on future insights and strategic innovation – addressing leadership audiences in 40 countries on 5 continents• Author of Designing Your Future – Published 08/2008• Profiled by UK’s Independent Newspaper as one of the Top 10 Global Future Thinkers• Led futures research, scenario planning and strategic consultancy projects for clients in telecommunications, technology, pharmaceuticals, banking, travel and tourism, environment, food and government sectors• Clients include 3M, BBC, BT, BAe, Bayer, Chloride, DTC De Beers, DHL, EADS, Electrolux, E&Y, GE, Hoover, Hyundai, IBM, ING, Intel, KPMG, M&S, Nakheel, Nokia, Nomura, Novartis, OECD, Orange, Panasonic, Pfizer, PwC, Samsung, Shell, Siemens, Symbian, Yell , numerous international associations and governments agencies in the US, UK, Finland, Dubai, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.• To receive Fast Future’s newsletters please email
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