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Rohit Talwar Building A Global City - The Role of Business Events - Sydney 06 06 11


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Presentation at an event hosted by Business Events Sydney to an audience of 200+ leaders from government, business and the events sector on maximising the long term economic impact of business events.

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Rohit Talwar Building A Global City - The Role of Business Events - Sydney 06 06 11

  1. 1. Building A Global City - The Role of Business Events Business Events Sydney June 6th 2011 Rohit Talwar CEO – Fast Image source:
  2. 2. Convention 2020• Global strategic foresight study to help the meetings industry prepare for the decade ahead - Industry-wide sponsors• Multiple outputs Nov 2009 – December 2011• Recent survey on issues / strategies / business models for 2011 & 2015
  3. 3. Future Convention Cities Initiative• Cities that want to be at the leading edge of delivering business events• Focus on maximising long term economic benefit of events• Research, sharing of expertise and best practices• Meet four time a year
  4. 4. Destination Priorities 2011 Find Use web /social Prioritise keydifferentiators in media more to events, the face of promote the industries and intense destination associations to competition target
  5. 5. Destination Strategies 2015 Show ROI for Show longer More event term contribution extensive owners/delegates to economic data mining developmentImage sources: / /
  6. 6. The Opportunity • Conventions and Trade Shows are a multi-billion industry • Major contributor to knowledge exchange and business creation • ButImage sources: /
  7. 7. Growth is not GuaranteedImage source: Piper Report
  8. 8. Global Competition is Growing Thinking is Back in FashionImage source:
  9. 9. To win we Must Focus ‘Beyond Tourism’Image source:
  10. 10. ICCA Rankings - Subject AreasThe opportunity is to maximise knowledge transfer and value creation in the key industries of the future
  11. 11. Seoul Sydney Durban San LondonFrancisco Abu Dhabi Toronto
  12. 12. FCCI - Primary Research Activities Point Research and Knowledge Sharing Competitive Advantage Thought Leadership Research ActivitiesImage sources: / /
  13. 13. The FCCI research agenda is focussed on the following value creation objectivesImage source:
  14. 14. Drive Economic Growth and Job CreationImage source:
  15. 15. Maximising Sales Revenues Exhibitors / Delegates Local Sponsors BusinessesImage source:
  16. 16. Maximising Knowledge Sharing through Business EventsImage source:
  17. 17. Business Innovation and Performance ImprovementImage sources:
  18. 18. Showcasing Local CapabilityImage sources: /
  19. 19. Leveraging Existing Infrastructure and Encouraging New InvestmentImage source:
  20. 20. Nurturing New Ventures and Accelerating Emerging IndustriesImage sources: / /
  21. 21. Promoting Innovation and Driving Research and DevelopmentImage source:
  22. 22. Entering New Networks, Partnerships and CollaborationsImage source Tallberg Foundation
  23. 23. Awareness and AwardsImage source
  24. 24. Which all contribute toImage source Job Creation
  25. 25. Citywide Alignment - LondonBusiness Tourism Steering Group Senior group of industry figures with an interest in developing London’s global events business, across hotels, venues, transport, retail, corporate, agency, local government Research on client perceptions of the destination Comparative study into competitor destinations Industry Forums Clearer understanding reached of a joined-up approach Recommendations and future approach
  26. 26. Leveraging Sporting Legacy 2015 2016* 2017 2018 • Rugby World Cup • NFL Super Bowl • World Athletics • FIFA World Cup • Women’s Football • World Hockey Champs • Youth Olympic Games World Cup Champions Trophy • Solheim Cup (Ladies’ • FIBA World Basketball • Amateur Boxing • European Athletics Golf) Champs World Champs Champs • Hockey Euronations • FINA Water Polo • World Masters • Table Tennis World • IPC World Swimming World Cup Athletics Champs Cup Champs (25m; • Track Cycling World • World Disabled • LEN European Disability) Cup Badminton Champs Swimming Champs • Track Cycling World • World Team • Track Cycling World Cup Badminton Champs Champs • FINA Diving World Series • IPC European Swimming Champs • European Junior Athletics Champs • European Team *Olympic Year – may Athletics Champs limit event feasibilityImage source: London & Partners
  27. 27. Abu Dhabi – 30 Year Vision• Building an open, efficient, effective and globally integrated business environment• Adopting a disciplined fiscal policy that is responsive to economic cycles• Establishing a resilient monetary and financial market environment• Driving significant improvement in the efficiency of the labour market• Developing a sufficient and resilient infrastructure• Developing a highly skilled, highly productive work force• Enabling financial markets to become the key financiers of economic sectors and projectsImage source:
  28. 28. Abu Dhabi – Key Sectors• Education• Energy and Environment• Healthcare• Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas• Pharmaceuticals• IT, Telecoms + Communications• Transportation and Logistics• Construction• Culture• Food industry• Manufacturing and Infrastructure• Security and Defense• TourismImage source:
  29. 29. Abu Dhabi – Infrastructure• Health – Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi bringing high quality medicine• Education – In Abu Dhabi branches of Yale University, Sorbonne, New York University and new Zayed University• Masdar City – World first zero carbon, zero waste and car free city• Science and Technology• A new surface transportation Master PlanImage source:
  30. 30. Advantage Abu Dhabi• A three-year Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority initiative aimed at catalysing and seeding innovative and viable business events aligned to the Abu Dhabi Government’s 2030 Economic Plan• Aimed at International Conferences and Exhibitions• AAD Recipient:
  31. 31. How de we Shape the Future?Image source:
  32. 32. Drive Citywide Co-ordinationImage source:
  33. 33. City WelcomeImage source:
  34. 34. Sector and Country TargetingImage source:
  35. 35. Ambassador ProgrammesImage sources: /
  36. 36. Authentic ExperiencesImage sources: /
  37. 37. Conclusion – Location is not a Limiting Factor• New economic era• Too important to mess up• A co-ordinated city-wide approach is critical• Sector is a key facilitator of economic development Ambition, Vision and Passion shouldn’t beImage source:
  38. 38. Fast Future – Meetings Industry Services• Briefings and workshops for executive management and boards of venues, CVB’s and associations• Customised research on trends, technologies and new markets• Development of strategies and business plans• ‘Deep dives’ on key trends and technology developments• Consultancy and workshop facilitation on innovation and new business models 39
  39. 39. Fast Future• Research, consulting, speaking, leadership• 5-20 year horizon - focus on ideas, developments, people, trends and forces shaping the future• Clients – Industry Associations – ICCA, ASAE, PCMA, MPI – Corporates - GE, Nokia, Pepsi, IBM, Intel, Samsung, GSK, SAP, Orange, O2, E&Y, KPMG, Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport, Travelex, ING, Santander, Barclays, Citibank, DeutscheBank – Governments - Dubai, Finland, Nigeria, Singapore, UK, US – Convention Bureaus – Seoul, Sydney, London, San Francisco, Toronto, Abu Dhabi, Durban, Athens, Slovenia, Copenhagen – Convention Centres – Melbourne, Adelaide, Qatar, QEIICC – Hotels - Accor Group, Preferred, – Intercontinental – Congrex, Kenes – Aeroports de Paris / Schiphol Group
  40. 40. Future Convention Cities Initiative• Cities that want to be at the leading edge of delivering business events• Focus on maximising long term economic benefit of events• Research, sharing of expertise and best practices• Meet four time a year• Initiated and co-ordinated by Fast Future
  41. 41. Hotels 2020: Beyond Segmentation Objectives• Identify change drivers and key success characteristics for the globally branded hotel sector over the next decade• Examine the implications for: – Hotel strategy – Brand portfolio – Business models – Customer targeting – Innovation
  42. 42. Rohit Talwar• Global futurist and founder of Fast Future Research.• Award winning speaker on future insights and strategic innovation – addressing leadership audiences in 40 countries on 5 continents• Author of Designing Your Future – Published 08/2008• Profiled by UK’s Independent Newspaper as one of the Top 10 Global Future Thinkers• Led futures research, scenario planning and strategic consultancy projects for clients in telecommunications, technology, pharmaceuticals, banking, travel and tourism, environment, food and government sectors• Clients include 3M, BBC, BT, BAe, Bayer, Chloride, DTC De Beers, DHL, EADS, Electrolux, E&Y, GE, Hoover, Hyundai, IBM, ING, Intel, KPMG, M&S, Nakheel, Nokia, Nomura, Novartis, OECD, Orange, Panasonic, Pfizer, PwC, Samsung, Shell, Siemens, Symbian, Yell , numerous international associations and governments agencies in the US, UK, Finland, Dubai, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.• To receive Fast Future’s newsletters please email
  43. 43. Designing Your Future Key Trends, Challenges and Choices Facing Association and Nonprofit Leaders• 50 key trends• 100 emerging trends• 10 major patterns of change• Key challenges and choices for leaders• Strategic decision making framework• Scenarios for 2012• Key futures tools and techniques• Published August 2008• Price £49.95 / €54.95/ $69.95• Email invoice request to
  44. 44. Our Services Bespoke research; Identification & Analysis of Future Trends, Drivers & Shocks Public Speaking, In- Company Briefings, Accelerated Scenario Seminars and Planning, Timelining & Workshops Future MappingPersonal Futuring forLeaders and Leadership Expert Consultations &Teams Futures Think Tanks Identification of Design & Facilitation of Opportunities for Innovation, Incubation Innovation and Strategic & Venturing Programmes Strategy Creation & Investment Development of Implementation Roadmaps
  45. 45. Example Projects• Public and private client research e.g. : – Convention 2020 – the Future of Business Events – Future Convention Cities Initiative – Maximising Long-term Economic Impact of Events – One Step Beyond – Future trends and challenges for the events industry – Hotels 2020: Beyond Segmentation – Future Hotel Strategies – The Future of Travel and Tourism in the Middle East – a Vision to 2020 – Future of Travel and Tourism Investment in Saudi Arabia – Aviation and Airports e.g. Aviation 2030 – Scenario Projects – Migration 2030, Future of Narcotics, Chemical Sector, Family 2030 – Scenarios for the global economy for 2030 and the implications for migration – Designing Your Future (Published August 2008) – book written for the American Society of Association Executives & The Center for Association Leadership – Global Economies – e.g. The Future of China – the Path to 2020 – The Shape of Jobs to Come – Emerging Science and Technology Sectors and Careers – Winning in India and China• Strategic advice to industry players• Confidential advisory and coaching services to CEOs and top teams• Public speaking at public conferences and in-company events• Future thinking workshops and retreats
  46. 46. Example Clients