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Memecrusher Review


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MemeCrush is a very good software package to build viral photos withou almost any expertise in Photo shop as well as Impression Editor. When you wish to save your the perfect time to generate photos, avoid right of first publication concerns..., I think you should utilize MemeCrush.

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Memecrusher Review

  1. 1. MEME CRUSHER – DISCOVER ONE OF THE HOTTEST TOPICS AROUND, VIRALIMAGES AND MEMES. GET GROUND BREAKING PRODUCT FOR SOCIAL MEDIAMARKETING.MEME CRUSHER REVIEWPRODUCT DETAILS:Product Name: Meme CrusherAuthor: Paul CliffordLaunched At: ClickBankPrice: $47.00Support: jv@paulclifford.meMEMECRUSH OVERVIEWMemeCrusher is a desktop application that enables users to search, create and post viral imagesto Facebook, Pinterest and their Blog.Market: Viral Images are the most powerful way of getting traffic. They are regularly shared,funny and are a serious traffic solution especially to those fed up with Google and SEO.Meme is a specific subset of viral images, and even though this tool covers the full range of viralimages, ‘meme’s are what people identify with.Problem: To create viral images you need a graphics tool (eg. Photoshop), an Image andsomething interesting to say. This tool combines them all in one solution. If you don’t want toget Photoshop to edit your image you can get hold of MemeCrusher and create a viral image in acouple of minutes.Solution: This tool will enable you to create Viral Images and Memes on your desktop, combineit with recognised styles and frames. Then post directly to the social networks that you chose;specifically Facebook, Pinterest and your blog.MemeCrusher Review
  2. 2. HOW DOES MEMECRUSH WORK? Firstly get a copy of MemeCrusher from here.Step1 – Choose a background or a blank background.Step2 – Choose an image from an online image library or upload your own. Be careful to use onethat isn’t copyrighted.
  3. 3. Step 3 - Add a caption There is a built in famous quotes database if you need inspiration. Don’tforget to add your website URL.Step 4 – Share on Facebook, Pinterest or your blog.
  4. 4. And watch the traffic come in. So you can see how easy it is to create viral images without anyneed for a graphical editor or photoshopMEMECRUSH PROS AND CONS- MemeCrush Pros: Friendly interface Easy to create viral images. A lot of Meme Styles , Quotes, Plain Backgrounds- MemeCrush Cons: Only post to Facebook, Pinterest and Wordpress Blog (But you can upload images thenpost to other social sites)FINAL VERDICTMemeCrush is a good software to create viral images withou any knowledge of Photoshop or
  5. 5. Image Editor. If you want to save your time to create images, avoid copyright issues..., I thinkyou should use MemeCrush.You can get MemeCrusher hereP/s: If you’re interested in MemeCrusher and want to get a copy, get it from my link, and to addmore value, I will give you an epic bonus package, which worth over $1100 if you buy all ofthem out there.