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A holistic view on energy efficiency in manufacturing.


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2012 International Congress on Informatics, Environment, Energy and Applications (IEEA 2012)

Published in: Technology, Business
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A holistic view on energy efficiency in manufacturing.

  1. 1. A holistic view on energy efficiency inmanufacturing.Date: March, 2012Linked to: RTD research at FASTContact informationTampere University of Technology,FAST Laboratory,P.O. Box 600,FIN-33101 Tampere,FinlandEmail: 2012 InternationalCongress onInformatics, Environment, Energy andApplications (IEEA 2012)Title of the paper: A holistic view onenergy efficiency in manufacturingAuthors: Anna Florea, CorinaPostelnicu, Jose Luis Martinez LastraIf you would like to receive a reprint ofthe original paper, please contact us
  2. 2. A holistic view on energy efficiency inmanufacturing.Ms. Anna FloreaDr. Corina PostelnicuProf. Jose L. Martinez LastraTampere University of Technology, Finland
  3. 3. Outline• Introduction and Background• Motivation• Concept description• Future work
  4. 4. Introduction and Background• Energy consumption champions• Building sector• 40% of energy end use in EU• Industry• ⅓ of Worlds energy needs is attributed to manufacturing sector• Variable consumption rates• Post-construction phase of building lifecycle• Manufacturing process• Mass production → mass customisation• Information systems• Building automation systems• Factory automation systems
  5. 5. MotivationManufacturingEnergyManagementBuildingEnergyManagementIntegratedEnergyManagement
  6. 6. MotivationPrerequisitesControl for EEEE mind-setGreen homeGreen factory
  7. 7. Approaches to energy savings inbuildings and manufacturing facilitiesAspect Buildings ManufacturingLimitation Comfort and safety ofinhabitantsWorkers safety and comfort, technicalconstraintsSmart Lighting Illumination level, occupancy,activityIllumination level, occupancy, activity,process requirementsConsume to live Reasonable use of resources Monitoring, calibration maintenanceStand-by vs. Off Avoid living home appliance instand-by modeFinding compromise between cold startand stand-by mode consumptionPeak hours consumption Avoid consuming in peak hoursForecast consumption rates to makeprecise orders from the supplier
  8. 8. Conceptual overview
  9. 9. Future work• Reference model design• Technology mix• Cross-layer interoperability
  10. 10. Thank you!FAST @ YouTube FAST @ Facebook FAST @ Slideshare