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Openness UMN (University of Minnesota)


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Openness at the University of Minnesota

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Openness UMN (University of Minnesota)

  1. 1. Why Openness Will Benefit the University of Minnesota? Visit the Open Education Conference 2012
  2. 2. “Openness”
  3. 3.
  4. 4. “Thanks to theCALPIRG, ConnPIRG, MaryPIRG, MASSPIRG, WashPIRG, and WISPIRGstudents who took action to pass this bill, professors now have all theinformation they need to consider cost on behalf of students”
  5. 5. Campaign Strategies Organize Professors Public Awareness Policies Saving Money
  6. 6. In the Works! Passing of Resolutions – Supporting Open Textbooks ( and Open Access ( Create an Open Education Task Group (Sign Up Sheet) – with Administrators and Legislators to Increase SupportPursue Open Policies Following The Example of Washington State and California Advocate for a More Open Campus
  7. 7. Related GAPSA Projects Open Ideas ( Innovation (Collaborating with CIL) Open Government (Modifications to Administrative Procedures) Open Courses