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Open Textbook - Translation
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  • Increasingly, more individuals will benefit from open textbooks. As open textbooks can save hundreds of dollars to every student in the United States
  • For many countries resources are much more limited with 80% of humanity living with less than $10 a day
  • Yet, unlike Wikipedia, which is available in 285 languages, translated open textbooks are difficult to find
  • Wikibooks contains 2,488 openbooks in English alone yet it does not focus on textbook translation
  • knowing that many students who are finishing elementary and
  • secondary education across the world may not be able to attend a higher education institution,
  • and may not have access to high quality resources. We must continue to do more for openness to have a wider impact
  • While there are some resources in other languages…
  • most educational resources remain accessible only in a few languages
  • Assome sites have been successfully translated allowing for the collaboration
  • of hundreds of translators across the globe including the translation of video that can be more difficult than translating text files
  • Most textbooks have yet to be translated. Could we follow the model which has one of the most successful open translation projects?!
  • Other successfully translated projects include MIT’s Open Courseware and
  • many courses in the Open CourseWare Consortium
  • Universia is an example of these translation projects, resulting in greater use of open resources around the world
  • With thousands of languages worldwide
  • Why don’t we also challenge the worldwide community to translate open textbooks?
  • An automated process using a machine translation tool can of great help at the beginning. Yet
  • even though machine translation is improving, experts worldwide could verify the accuracy of the translation
  • Maintaining the quality of the product.Google translate and others require additional review and expert verification
  • This is where experts, including professors, graduate students, and many individuals that are
  • Fluent in languages can contribute!
  • Experts and individuals worldwide can also help localize content!
  • Translation is also not only be important internationally but is increasingly important locally
  • Building and looking at other related projects
  • What is the best way, to create a place to build a open book translation resource?
  • While there are many great sites out there, translations are difficult to find
  • Book translation seems a bit spread out and one can not find these resources when working for a project
  • Translated books could also help various OER projects, including OERU , P2PU,, and many other Open Education Sites!
  • Here are some possible elements to include in the site
  • With this in mind, what next? Should we work on a new site, improve an existing site?
  • Together we can find the best way to make this possible and for this community to form.
  • If there is already a plan in place, I would love to join the conversation, otherwise let’s work to make this happen
  • Here are some of the questions included in other parts of this call for action. Thanks!
  • Open Textbook Translation

    1. 1. Call for Action! – Open Textbook Translation How Can We Best Solve This Problem?While finding open resources was interesting to participating teachers, they found OERsto be of limited use as most of their students spoke primarily in the local language.
    2. 2. Open Education Resources recursos educativos abertos membuka sumber-sumbertəhsil resurslarının açmaq გახსნა საგანმანათლებლო pendidikanressources éducatives ouvertes რესურსები miftuħa riżorsi edukattivirecursos educativos abiertos Offen zugängliche Lerninhalte åpne pedagogiske ressursertë hapur burimet arsimore open onderwijs bronnen ‫ﺑﺎﺯ ﮐﺭﺩﻥ ﻣﻧﺎﺑﻊ ﺁﻣﻭﺯﺷﯽ‬բաց կրթական ռեսուրսներ ανοικτών εκπαιδευτικών πόρων otwarte zasoby edukacyjne‫ﻓﺗﺢ ﺍﻟﻣﻭﺍﺭﺩ ﺍﻟﺗﻌﻠﻳﻣﻳﺔ‬ શૈક્ષ�ણક સાધનખોલો recursos educacionais abertos Translating and Localizingireki baliabide didaktikoak louvri resous edikatif deschide resurse educaționaleадкрытым адукацыйных рэсурсаў ‫לפתוח משאבים חינוכיים‬ открытым образовательнымিশ�াগত স�দ খুলন ু शै��क संसाधन� खला ु ресурсамотворени образователни ресурси nyissa oktatási források отворите образовне ресурсеrecursos educatius oberts opna Fræðsluefni Otvorené vzdelávacie zdroje开放教育资源 membuka sumber daya pendidikan Odprte izobraževalne vsebine oscailte acmhainní oideachais kufungua rasilimali za elimu Open Textbooks!開放教育資源otvaranje obrazovnih resursa risorse educative aperte öppna lärresurser 教育リソースを開く கல்வ� வளங்கதிறக்Otevřené výukové zdroje �ೈಕಷ್�ಕ ಸಂಪನೂ�ಲಗಳ�ೆ�ೆಯಲು ���య్ వనర�ల��ె���åbne uddannelsesressourcer 교육 자료를 열 เปิ ดแหล่งการศกษา ึmalfermi edukaj rimedojAvatud õppevahendeid ເປດຊບພະຍາກອນດານການສກສາ eğitim kaynakları açmak ີ ັ ້ ຶbuksan ang pang-edukasyon aperire educationis opibus відкритим освітнім ресурсамmapagkukunan atvērtu izglītības resursu ‫ﺗﻌﻠﻳﻣﯽ ﻭﺳﺎﺋﻝ ﮐﻬﻭﻝ‬avointen opetusresurssien atviruosius švietimo išteklius mở nguồn tài nguyên giáo dụcressources éducatives ouvertes отвори образовни ресурси agor adnoddau addysgol ‫עפענען בילדונגקרייז רעסורסן‬
    3. 3. Translating and Localizing Textbooks Encourages Sharing While Empowering Local InstructorsTranslating high quality open textbooks provides others with high quality educational resources that can be easily enhanced and localized
    4. 4. While Translating Can Be Time ConsumingWhat if the first draft is obtained quickly through Machine Translation?
    5. 5. c
    6. 6. ModularityFrictionless RemixingDistributionQuality ControlSustainabilityConnexions Platform
    7. 7. The Dominican Republicand many other countrieswould benefit greatly from a site where individuals could obtain translated copies of high quality textbooks. CTC Nationwide Project
    8. 8. Possible Elements to Include Wiki Technology and Versioning System Inclusion of Facebook and TwitterClassroom Exercise for Language Students Extensive Partnership System
    9. 9. New or an Addition to an Existing Site?By building a website site (or a subsection), translations would be easier to locate andit would potentially facilitate the formation of a community.
    10. 10. If you have an interest in this topic, lets worktogether in presenting solutions to this issue.We can built an open textbook translation community if we build it together. Thanks
    11. 11. Starting the Conversation!• Should we develop a new site (e.g., or improve an existing site?• What elements do you think this site should include? (Facebook Connect, Twitter Sign Up, Wiki Technology, Google Translate, etc.)• What is the best technology / platform to use for this project? (Wiki, GitHub, Drupal, etc.)• Are translations to major languages being included within the Open Textbook legislation? (California, Washington State, etc.)• What are the key elements for the community to develop? (Org. Stru., etc.)• Could we follow the model of open translation?• Should there be challenges for open textbooks translation? Course assignments?• Would you or anyone you know be willing to help create or translate such a site?