Open Minnesota (OER 2013) - Open Governance, Open Policies, and Affordable Education


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Open Minnesota (OER 2013) - Open Governance, Open Policies, and Affordable Education

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Open Minnesota (OER 2013) - Open Governance, Open Policies, and Affordable Education

  1. 1. A More Open Minnesota Open Governance, Open Policies, and Affordable Education Slides:
  2. 2. What is GAPSA? Brittany Edwards - GAPSA President e: t: bretagnediana Alfonso Sintjago - GAPSA Vice President e: t: remixed_ed
  3. 3. Building a Faculty Culture of Change ● ● ● ● An increasingly fed-eralized market for undergraduate education, has made the competition for new students the sine qua non of financial success. A moribund accreditation system punishes those who try to do things differently. A troublesome fractiousness holds sway on many campuses, with a take-no-prisoners rhetoric. And a faculty, encamped just north of Armageddon, knows that change lies just over the horizon but is not yet convinced that change is either necessary or desirable. (Zemsky)
  4. 4. Reframing Government Developmental Evaluation Model Policy Sprint Willingness To Change Extensive Structural Changes
  5. 5. Wolfram Huke CC-BY-SA-3.0 Communicative Action Theory Deliberative Democracy Jürgen Habermas
  6. 6. Interactive Evaluation Practice Teams of 3 1) Interviewer 2) Responder 3) Recorder Cooperative Interviews (Jean King 2013) What is the greatest challenge facing the adoption of open education? By Pat O’Leary
  7. 7. Open Governance = Citizenville “Great campaign become movements. They create enthusiasm, buy-in and connection, then it disappears after the election is over.” “For the first time in history anyone can hold the world's knowledge in the palm of their hand.” (Gavin Newsom 2013)
  8. 8. Open Governance as a Practice - Open Standards Spark Innovation and Growth - Build a Simple System and Let it Evolve - Design for Participation - Learning from Your “Hackers” - Data Mining Allows You To Harness Participation - Lower The Barriers to Experimentation - Lead By Example Open Government (Lathrop & Ruma 2010)
  9. 9. Student Governance as a Lab Thomas Bower - CC-BY-SA
  10. 10. More ideas = Better ideas Dr. Barry Kudrowitz @kudrowitz of MIT and UMN Productivity+Creativity Playing improv games increased ideas by 36% SJ Cockell CC-BY
  11. 11. Yes, AND: 1) Defer judgment (NO EVALUATION) 2) build on ideas (Kudrowitz 2011) Let’s Improv!
  12. 12. Visualization Principles 1) Typography 2) Color 3) Attention to Detail 4) Meaningful Drama (Eugene Bae Park 2013) What comments do you have for the Board of Regents?
  13. 13. Art of Hosting ● Open Space Technology ● World Café ● Circle Practice
  14. 14. Other Examples: ● ● ● ● Promoting Open Textbooks at UMN Booksprint on the Future of Education Governing Documents Policy Sprint Incorporation of Open Values
  15. 15. More Examples: ● ● ● ● ● Forum on the Sustainability of HE U of M Libraries and OA Week TEDxUMN and Video Presentations Grand Challenge OOCs Booksprints and E-Books
  16. 16. Thanks. Questions? Resources Available At: