2012 - Main Changes to GAPSA


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2012 - Main Changes to GAPSA

  1. 1. Main ChangesOf GAPSA’s Restructure
  2. 2. MainChanges Adding Additional Ensuring That Every Seats in the Council is General Assembly Represented in the so That Student Executive Board by Groups can Voice Expanding its Concerns Membership Provide Integrative Leadership Training so That Members Learn How to Work Effective Together Will Result In:
  3. 3. General Assembly ChangesBecome a More Encourage Result in Greater Inclusive Greater Collaboration Environment Communication From its Members
  4. 4. Main Elements in the Resolution “beginning with the 2013-2014 school year, meet a minimum of 2 times per semester with the possibility of calling for additional meetings as necessary.” “Up to 10 optional at-large members may come from the general graduate and professional fee-paying body, and be elected by the General Assembly.” “The Assembly will be dedicated to exploring challenges that the student body faces, and to have discussions based in established civic engagement practices, in order to find actionable solutions”. To Read the Resolution Visit - z.umn.edu/resGA
  5. 5. Executive Board ChangesBe Representative Promote Greater Transform Into a of All of The Collaboration More Effective Councils Between Councils Body
  6. 6. Main Elements in the Resolution “GAPSA’s Executive Board will, beginning with the 2013-2014 school year, meet 2 times per month, with the preference of having one meeting be dedicated to leadership development, supported and advised by the Center for Integrative Leadership”. “GAPSA’s Executive Board will be made up of a student appointed by each council, at their council’s discretion, through each council’s independent selection process. Additionally, the President will be elected by the student body through the current ACEC structure.” “The Executive Board will be charged with promoting integrative leadership and civic engagement practices in its governance. This effort will be supported and advised in partnership with the Center for Integrative Leadership at the University of Minnesota” To Read the Resolution Visit - z.umn.edu/resExec
  7. 7. Integrative LeadershipTrainingManaging Promote Working Together Complex Leadership Skills in CollaborativeChallenges over Leaders Projects
  8. 8. Main Elements in the Resolution TO BE DRAFTED To Read the Whole Resolution Visit - z.umn.edu/IntLead
  9. 9. Resolutions Proposing Changes Restructuring the General Assembly (z.umn.edu/resGA) Restructuring the Executive Board (z.umn.edu/resExec) Promoting Integrative Leadership Concepts (z.umn.edu/IntLead)
  10. 10. ThanksThe Final Versions Of These Resolutions AreExpected To Be Voted On The February 2013 Session Of GAPSA’s General Assembly