Invisible Learning on iOS


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While the entry cost of the device can be quite high, many of the applications can be obtained for a low cost or free of charge. Some of this applications are allowing individuals to express themselves in new ways. Are these new forms of expressions contributing to the informal learning of individuals and to what extent? Will this growing market provide for an increasingly personalized learning experience and what will that look like? A presentation to encourage further discussion.

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Invisible Learning on iOS

  1. 1. Invisible Learning On iOSEmphasizing the Influence of Communities
  2. 2. “Knowmads” Formal Non-formal Informal Serendipitous Invisible Learning1- Sociotechnological archetype for a new ecology of education
  3. 3. Background to This Presentation App Collector• Worked as a Researcher for CEHD iPad Initiative (2011)• Interest in Open Education, and Innovation• Focus on International Development Testing What is Now Possible for the “Average” Consumer The arguments presented in this presentation also apply also to a large extent to the Android App Market
  4. 4. What Tool is It?
  5. 5. Credit: Apple
  6. 6. Credit: Apple
  7. 7. Infinite Canvas of Possibilities Image from Sketchroll -
  8. 8. Points to ConsiderThe App:• Meets Your Need• Is Well Liked – (+3 Rating)• Main Critics Say…• Better Alternatives• Last Updated• Has a Website?• Has a Community! CC-BY 2.0 nickstone333 - Flickr
  9. 9. Elements of a Learning Community Community - Education and Democracy - Autonomy Collaborative Culture Focus on - Diversity Learning - Openness Result Oriented Thinking - Interactivity (Downes, 2011)Professional Learning Communities – (Jessie, 2007)
  10. 10. How Does One Develop a Skill? Lennon and McCartney (Link) had a musical "The idea that excellence at gift of the sort that comes along once in a performing a complex task generation," he writes. And all that playing requires a critical minimal level time shaped their talent, so by the time they of practice surfaces again and returned to England from Hamburg, Germany, again in studies of expertise. In "they sounded like no one else. It was the fact, researchers have settled making of them.“ on what they believe is the magic number for true In 1968, a 13-year-old Gates (link) got access expertise: ten thousand to a high school computer and logged 10,000 hours." hours of programming. Gladwell interviewed Gates, who credits his success to his luck in Malcolm Gladwell having that unique access.Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell
  11. 11. What is Your Technology for Self-Expression? TED - Kevin Kelly on how technology evolves
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Everything is a Remix Kirby FergusonCopying others is most times a necessary step before being able to transform and combine items in new and meaningful ways.
  14. 14. Sketch Club - Example• Regular Contest and Prices• Constant Communication and Feedback• Capacity to Visualize Others Creative Process
  15. 15. Name: Austin Kleon, @austinkleonBio: A writer who draws.
  16. 16.
  17. 17.
  18. 18. MadPad
  19. 19.
  20. 20. ReacTj ReacTable Trance live performance @ submixpro studio Torino 02
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Individualized Learning PlanConstruct your Personal Learning Environment Interests Music Drawing Math
  23. 23. Learning at a Low Cost Arts andCrafts Reading Student’s Formal Informal ExperienceiTunes U Apps Learning Activity Knowledge
  24. 24. Creativity
  25. 25. Number of Apps – 07, 2011App Category Number of Apps Top 3 Grossing iPad Apps by CategoryBooks 19,565 Comics, Marvel Comics, Cars 2 Storybook DeluxeEducation 11,903 Star Walk for iPad, Proloquo2Go, InklingFinance 1,591 MarketWatch Market Data, Pageonce Pro, Stock GenieHealthcare & Fitness 1,819 Men’s Health Magazine, MyNetDiary, SELF MagazineMedical 1,947 Visible Body 3D Human Anatomy, Skyscape Medical Resources, modalityBODYNavigation 1,907 WingX Pro7 Aviation, MotionX GPS Drive HD, iNavX Marine NavigationPhotography 2,288 iMovie, Snapseed, 8mm HDReference 4,344 Glo Bible, BibleReader, World Atlas HDSports 2,142 Tour de France All Access, At Bat 2011, Golf Digest MagazineUtilities 4,150 Skyfire Web Browser, Boingo Wi-fi Credits, Air DisplayBusiness 3,987 Quickoffice Pro HD, Documents to Go Premium, Splashtop Remote DesktopEntertaintment 8,059 SlingPlayer Mobile, Vanity Fair, PEOPLE MagazineGames 15,046 Smurf’s Village, Tap Pet Hotel, MonopolyLifestyle 6,402 Cooking Light Recipes, O The Oprah magazine, Creston Mobile Pro GMusic 3,432 GarageBand, djay, AmpliTubeNews 3,262 The Daily, New York Post, The New Yorker MagazineProductivity 3,019 Pages, Numbers, KeynoteSocial Networking 1,141 MyPad+, Grindr Xtra, Friendly PlusTravel 4,699 FlightTrack Pro, FlightTrack, ZAGAT TO GOWeather 401 ForeFlight Mobile Aviation, Weather+, Garmin Pilot My-Cast AviationTotal 101,104 Pages, Smurf’s Village, Tap Pet Hotel categories-chart/
  26. 26. Weather, 401 Social Networking, 1,141 Finance, 1,591 Number of Apps Healthcare & Fitness, 1,819 Navigation, 1,907 07-’11 Medical, 1,947 Sports, 2,142 Photography, 2,288 Productivity, 3,019 News, 3,262 Music, 3,432 Business, 3,987 Utilities, 4,150 Reference, 4,344 Travel, 4,699 Lifestyle, 6,402 Entertaintment, 8,059 Education, 11,903 Games, 15,046 Books, 19,565
  27. 27. iPad Market A Sustainable Model Are low cost applications more sustainable and a “fairer” model than open source software?
  28. 28. iPad Market A Sustainable Model
  29. 29. Constant Improvement• Regular Updates• Copy -> Transform! Diptic PicFrame Fuzel Jun 23, ‘10 May 4, ‘11 Feb 29 12
  30. 30. Everything is a Remix Kirby FergusonCopying an Idea leads to its transformation
  31. 31. Finding The App• Look for it!... There is Quite a #• If it is Not There… Then Build it! Flickr - CC-BY 2.0 - webtreats
  32. 32. What Does This All Mean?• Thousands of New Ways to Learn• Individuals can Improve their Skills• Having the Devices is only one Element• Good Applications do Stand Out• Applications with Learning Communities Behind Them Are Particularly Interesting.