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2012 - GAPSA Evaluation (Initial Analysis)


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2012 - GAPSA Evaluation (Initial Analysis)

  1. 1. GAPSA’s Evaluation (2012-2013)Information about GAPSA Eval. Res.
  2. 2. Evaluation Standards and Competencies C1) Professional U) Utility Practice C6) C2) Interpersonal Systematic Competence Inquiry E) Evaluation F) Feasibility Accountability Evaluator Program Competencies Evaluation Standards C3) C5) Reflective Situational Practice Analysis C4) Project A) Accuracy P) Propriety Management
  3. 3. Logic Model
  4. 4. GAPSA Evaluation (“The continued analysis and observation of organizational activities can facilitate the improvement and adequate functioning of an organization.” “The evaluator is part of a team whose members collaborate to conceptualize, design and test newapproaches in a long-term, on-going process of continuous improvement, adaptation and intentional change.”
  5. 5. GAPSA Evaluation (“THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED the Graduate and ProfessionalStudent Assembly will conduct a developmental utility-focused evaluation throughout the 2012-2013 academic year.”“BE IT RESOLVED that the evaluation will present a report to the General Assembly during the last meeting of the assembly or before the beginning of the next academic year (2013-2014).”
  6. 6. GAPSA Evaluation ( Data Analysis “BE IT RESOLVED this internalevaluation will utilize a series of different qualitative methods Participant Observation Focus Groups including the use of focus groups, interviews, data Evaluationanalysis, and surveys to assessits functioning in relationship to student councils.” Interviews Surveys
  7. 7. Tyler GiesekeMinnesota Daily GAPSA Will Broaden Its Executive BoardDecember 11, 2012 A ‘Taxation Without Representation’ Setup Will Be Changed. “Though only half of the University of Minnesota’s 10 graduate and professional schools are represented on its executive board this year, GAPSA plans to modify representation to include the presidents of all of its member councils next fall. The group will also partner with the Center for Integrative Leadership to provide leadership training for its members.”
  8. 8. Many Other Interesting Questions
  9. 9. Pressing Student ConcernsWhat comments do you have for the Board of Regents about your graduate or professional experience with respect to advisers, graduate assistantships, workload, etc.?
  10. 10. Surveys & Communication ChannelsRequests to complete the survey were sent via different mailing lists. The spikes correlates with the response requests.
  11. 11. Focus Groups We Hope to Meet with Each Council and Reach A Saturation PointWe Also Plan on Answering Questions at the End of Each Focus Group Example of Focus Answers AA: To be honest, in council updates and GAPSA rep debrief, not concerning. But we don’t reach out for GAPSA to reach out. We (GAPSA) does grants well. Benefits us EB: can you make sure my grant gets passed? I liked our council retreat, things are being done. M: Not sure what GAPSA does, we’re fairly isolated, ( others concur) We are here for several years, have a lot to learn from other students on campus.
  12. 12. Interviews and Participant Observations Interviews! Participant Observations!Interviews are being conducted with bothprevious as well as current GAPSA As the current EVP, I had the opportunityexecutive board members. to learn about the expectations of executive board positions. As a memberAmong the recommendations given by in the executive board I also havethose interviewed were finding a solution observed regularly about the differentto the high officer turnover rate, as well concerns of various executive boardas, the importance of improving advisor- members. This position helped increaseadvisee support resources. GAPSA my familiarity with GAPSA’s innermembers have left the executive board workings and how much dedication itfor other positions due to time constraints takes to keep GAPSA running smoothlyand competing interests.
  13. 13. 2012-13 GAPSA Executive Board GAPSA President Student Student Executive Vice Vice President for Vice President of Vice President of Vice President of Vice President for Representative to Representative to At-Large Director President Public Affairs Finance Student Affairs Programming Grants the Board of the Board of Regents Regents Chair - Chair - Internal Chair - Public Chair – Finance Chair - Student Chair - Grants Varies – Multiple Member of the Member of the ProgrammingAffairs Committee Affairs Committee Committee Affairs Committee Committee Tasks Board of Regents Board of Regents Committee
  14. 14. Existing Structure and Changes General Assembly Administrative RelationshipsWill perhaps meet less often This relationship will remain the same OSA MSA Office of Minnesota Student Student Affairs Association GAPSA Graduate and Professional Student Association
  15. 15. The CoP Transformed into the Exec. BoardThe Council of Presidents constituted itself Council of Graduate Studentsorganically during 2010-2012 in response to Nursing College Board GradSEHDclaims of mismanagement towards someGAPSA representatives. Adapting theexecutive board into the mold of the School of Dentistry Student Council Pharmacy College Boardcouncil of presidents will increase thecommunication and collaboration GAPSAbetween the councils and the executiveboard. School of Public Medical School Health Student Student Council SenateOther positions in the future executiveboard will be held by a council elected EVP, College of Veterinary Masters in Business Medicine Administrationand the student representatives to the Student Council Association Law CouncilBoard of Regents (Chair and Vice Chair)
  16. 16. Framing a Better AlignmentBy increasing collaboration between CIL, CILGAPSA, and each council, GAPSA will Center fortransform into a more representative group Integrative Leadershipwhich is able to better voice the concerns of thestudent body while maintaining a strong GAPSAdecentralization and support for each council. Graduate and Professional StudentCIL will contribute to the leadership Associationdevelopment of representatives from every Grad. And Prof. Councils Executive Members ofcouncil. The leadership development Each Councilworkshops provided by CIL would not only beavailable to the members of the executiveboard, but also to other members of everycouncil.
  17. 17. Grassroots MOOCs & Other CIL-GAPSA Initiatives Collaborate: What Would You Like To Work On: Entrepreneurial Teams: Challenge 1 Idea 1 Entrepreneurial Skill Sustainable chemistry I think that…. Programming (Example, Contact Info) Challenge 2 Idea 2 Entrepreneurial SkillBreakthroughs to world challenges I think that…. Evaluation (Example, Contact Info) Challenge 3 Idea 3 Entrepreneurial Skill Addressing climate change I think that…. Design (Example, Contact Info) Challenge 4 Idea 4 Entrepreneurial SkillEnergy efficiency and conservation I think that…. Marketing (Example, Contact Info) Challenge 5 Idea 5 Entrepreneurial Skill Product safety leadership I think that…. Education (Example, Contact Info) Challenge 6 Idea 6 Entrepreneurial SkillContributing to community success I think that…. Engineering (Example, Contact Info)