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Introduction to Lean Startup


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An introduction of three key concepts of the Lean Startup methodology. Presented at Lean Startup Circle Asheville on April 10, 2013.

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Introduction to Lean Startup

  1. 1. Introduction to Lean Startup by Trevor Lohrbeer@FastFedora
  2. 2. What is Lean Startup? A scientific approach to building a businessin conditions of high uncertainty
  3. 3. Why Use Lean Startup?1. Learn Effectively: Validated Learning2. Launch Sooner: Minimum Viable Product3. Innovate Faster: Continuous Innovation4. Eliminate Waste: Minimum Viable Product5. Reduce Risk: Validated Learning, Continuous Innovation, Minimum Viable Product
  4. 4. Validated LearningOld Way New Way Do something  Make a hypothesis Debrief  Create experiment Invent reasons for  Run experiment results  Analyze results “Lesson Learned”  Hypothesis either (but not really) validated or not  Lesson only learned once validated
  5. 5. Example: What do customers value? Idea: WordPress plugin that tells writers who read their articles, not just who clicked on the headline.Hypothesized Values Potential Headlines To Test1. Measure engagement 1. Write Engaging Articles2. Improve accuracy 2. Are Your Articles Engaging?3. Optimize marketing 3. Does Anyone Read Your Blog?4. Charge more
  6. 6. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) The simplest product or service that provides value to a customerOld Way New Way Research the market  Build a minimum Build the entire product or service product or service  Attempt to sell it Launch  Iterate based on what Find out if you can you learned sell it
  7. 7. Example: MVP
  8. 8. Continuous Innovation IdeasLearn Build Data MVP Measure
  9. 9. Thanks for attending! Trevor Lohrbeer@FastFedora
  10. 10. Thanks for attending! Trevor Lohrbeer@FastFedora