Choosing a Medical School


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Francesca Liuzzi discusses choosing a medical school in the UK.

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  • First and foremost congratulations – all got a place – something to be really proud ofDeciding where you want to go really is multifactorial and whilst the medical school and the education you will receive should be the number one reason behind your choice there are lots of other things to consider…..some more practical than others. Thanks to my colleagues / about to hear from my colleagues regarding their experiences of the course here in Manchester – just wanted to add another dimension.
  • So I’ve alluded to some of the things to consider after the medical school, but that doesn’t help you know if Manchester is for you or not. I think Manchester is a really vibrant city with lots of fun things to do….
  • Choosing a Medical School

    1. 1. More than just the medicine…?Francesca Liuzzi, Year 4 Manchester Medic
    2. 2. What needs considering? Extra- curricular activities Practicalities Social life The right medical school
    3. 3. Practicalities….the boring bit!•Travel to and fromUniversity•Type of location –urban vs. rural•Campus or not?•Living costs•Proximity to otherplaces – conferencesetc.
    4. 4. Extra-curricular activities What are your interests outside of medicine? What do you want to pursue whilst at University? Sporting opportunities?  Watching  Playing Debating Languages Drama / Music
    5. 5. Social Life This doesn’t just include bars and clubs! What is there going on at weekends?  Theatre  Opera  Music gigs or festivals  Ballet  Sport / hiking etc.  Sightseeing  Art galleries  Comedy shows  Museums
    6. 6. So what about Manchester….? Medical bits – Active MedSoc who coordinate lots of different organisations:  Teddy bear hospital  Medics in Primary Schools  Fastbleep  Scalpel  Manchester Medics Careers Society Sporting opportunities – Athletic Union with over 46 sports clubs from Netball and Tennis through to SCUBA diving and ultimate Frisbee. Active medics clubs too.
    7. 7. Extra-curricular activities atManchester cont. Other Academic bits – opportunities available that aren’t available everywhere else:  Languages  Creative writing  Intercalated options (top 10 in the UK for Research)  Academic advisors  Manchester Leadership Programme (MLP)  Strong occupational health department and University Counselling service
    8. 8. So what about Manchester? Social life….. Opera Housewell that couldn’t be Manchester MOSI academyANY better! Whitworth Comedy Art Gallery MANCHESTER Store Manchester AMAZING Museum Bars Football
    9. 9. Practicalities• Travel to and from University • Very individual – consider cost, time and ease (do you have to change trains?) Compare this to how often you think you are likely to go back.• Type of location – urban vs. rural • What are your hobbies? Whilst having all the benefits of being very urban (GREAT shopping), we’re also within a day trips distance of some great venues – North Wales, the Peaks/Lakes and parts of Scotland too.• Campus or not? • Pros and cons to both. Manchester is not campus based – well integrated with the rest of Manchester and easy to get things done between lectures.
    10. 10. Practicalities cont.• Size of University • Second largest University in the UK – 1st is London Met. Largest student population in Europe as we have Man Met and Salford.• Living costs • Currently 47/135 based on accommodation, groceries and drinks. (90.5 compared to a National average of 100) –• Proximity to other places – conferences etc. • Fantastic transport links (bus, rail, and air)– 2hr 9min train to London and close to the Midlands. Oxford road is the busiest bus route in Europe!!!
    11. 11. Summary Extra- curricular activities Practicalities Social Life Manchester