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General Food Guide

  1. 1. Here are some basics before we get to the food. First of all let me say any fruits or vegetables are OK by me with any meal. The only suggestions I have here is that you eat colorful fruits and vegetables as close to their raw state as possible; and make sure to watch at what time your eating fruit because of the carbohydrates contained in them. An example a better choice on a salad would be spinach or romaine instead of the iceberg that it comes with. Reason being is that iceberg has no nutrients; whereas spinach and romaine have plenty (see the comparison below). Spinach Iceberg Lettuce Vitamin A 95% water Beta Carotene Only trace amounts of nutrients Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) Less fiber Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) Less crunch Vitamin B3 (Niacin) Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) Vitamin Bc (Folate) Vitamin C Vitamin E Vitamin K The same goes for cauliflower versus broccoli. Cauliflower’s white, which equals bad, whereas broccoli is a deep green which equals good. As far as meats and fish go, just keep them lean. Chicken and turkey are almost always good unless its dark meat, fried, or is processed (extra salts and chemicals). Also if you can trim the extra fat or skin off your meat before you cook it. That right there can save you lots of unnecessary fat calories. Fish is usually good just watch how it’s cooked. Chances are at a restaurant like Fridays or Outback the chicken and fish aren’t going to be as healthy as they may seem. Words like grilled or smoked or baked are fine but words like battered, glazed, or even marinated can sometimes mean unwanted calories. Also don’t forget eggs! If you use the egg whites its all protein in there the fat and cholesterol is in the yellow yolk. That’s an easy way to get some protein in the morning or even as a snack in the hardboiled or egg salad form (fat free, low sugar, mayo). Also with eggs, you can easily sneak vegetables and low fat cheese for added protein and calcium (two things known to help reduce body fat). Most lunchmeats contain a high amount of sodium and should be reserved for 3-4 times a week. Newer lunchmeats however, tend to show you the nutritional facts on the package and are sometimes made with lower sodium and leaner cuts. Healthy Choice lunchmeat is one of them. As for dairy it should be included in your diet because of the fact that the correct dairy products can help reduce body fat. Skim milk and foods made with skim milk is almost always a better choice. Some reduced fat cheeses add sugar so always remember to look on the back of the package for the facts. That pretty much goes for any product that says it has a reduced fat content. If they cut the fat they usually add sugar to make up for taste. At that point it’s a catch 22. Notorious products for this behavior are dressings, yogurts, and cheeses. So choose wisely!
  2. 2. Here is a general easy reference guide for you to use when shopping. This will simply show you the foods that you can have “GO” foods, and the ones that you can’t “NO” foods. Protein Healthy Weight "GO" Enjoy baked, broiled, grilled or steamed Beef, ground (< 10% fat) Beef, lean cuts Calamari Chicken, skinless Clams Crab Fish, all fresh or frozen (canned in water) Ham, lean Lamb, lean Lobster Mussels Octopus Oysters Pork, trimmed Rabbit Scallops Shrimp Tofu Tuna, canned in water Turkey, skinless Venison Overweight "NO" Avoid breaded, fried, deep fried or sautéed foods. Bacon Beef, fatty cuts Beef, ground (> 10% fat) Canadian bacon Chicken (fried and/or with skin) Chicken (buffalo wings) Duck Fish sticks Hot dogs (pork, beef, turkey, chicken) Jerky (beef/turkey) Liver Liverwurst Pepperoni Salami Sausage Seafood (canned in oil) Turkey bacon Turkey sausage Vegetables Healthy Weight "GO" Enjoy baked, boiled, broiled, raw, or steamed Artichokes (and hearts) Asparagus Bamboo shoots Bean sprouts Beans (green, wax) Bok choy Broccoli Cabbage Carrots (raw) Overweight "No" Avoid breaded, fried, deep fried or sauteed foods. Avocados Beets Carrots (cooked) Corn Olives (packed in oil) Parsnips Pickles (sweet) Potatoes (all types) Pumpkin
  3. 3. Cauliflower Celery Chilies Cucumbers Eggplant Greens (spinach, chard, kale) Leeks Lettuce Mushrooms Okra Olives Onion Palm hearts Peas Peppers (all types) Pickles (dill) Radishes Rutabagas Snow Peas Soybeans Squash (all except Pumpkin) Tomato sauce, paste Tomatoes Water chestnuts Zucchini Soups made with broth and the above foods Sweet Potatoes Sweet Relish Yams Fruit Healthy Weight "GO" Apple Apricots Berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc.) Cantaloupe Cherries Grapefruit Grapes (all types) Honeydew Kiwi Melon Nectarine Orange Palmello Overweight "No" Bananas Candied fruit Coconut Dates Dried fruit Fruit juices Fruit preserves Fruit sauces Mangoes Marmalade Persimmons Plantains Raisins
  4. 4. Papaya Peach Pear Pineapple Plum Prickly Pear Starfruit Tangelo Tangerine Watermelon Breads & Cereals Healthy Weight "GO" 100% sprouted wheat 100% whole wheat Multi-grain Oat bran bread Pita, whole wheat Pumpernickel Rye Tortillas, whole wheat Whole grain All unsweetened bran cereals Muesli (low fat, no sugar added) Oat bran Oats, oatmeal Puffed wheat (unsweetened) Rice Bran Overweight "No" Bagels (all types) Biscuits Bread (except those on "Go" list) Bread crumbs Bread sticks Breakfast cereals (all types, hot or cold, except those on "Go" list) Cakes Chips (all types) Cookies Cornbread Crackers (all types) Croissants Donuts English muffins Granola (all types) Melba toast Muffins (all types) Pancakes Pastries (all types) Pita bread (white) Popcorn Popcorn cakes Rice cakes Rolls (dinner, hamburger buns, etc.) Tortillas (except those on "Go" list) Waffles
  5. 5. Starchy Foods Healthy Weight "GO" Barley Beans (black, kidney, red, garbanzo, etc.) Buckwheat Bulgur Chickpeas Couscous Dahl Lentils Oats, oatmeal (all types, no sugar) Pasta, whole wheat Peas (split, black-eyed) Rice (basmati, bulgur, parboiled brown, wild) Overweight "No" Beans (baked,refried) Granola (all types) Noodles, ramen-style Pasta (white, green, red) Potatoes (all types) Pretzels Rice (white, fried, spanish) Soups (all types except veg. broth) Taco Shells Dairy, Other Healthy Weight "GO" Cheese (fat free or low fat) Cottage cheese (low fat) Eggs, egg whites (boiled, poached, scrambled/fried with non-stick cooking spray) Egg substitute Milk (1% low fat, fat free) Mozzarella cheese (fat free) Ricotta cheese (fat free) Tofu Yogurt (low fat, fat free, sugar free) Overweight "No" Cheese (hard or soft, except as on "Go" list) Cottage cheese (full fat) Cream / half & half Cream cheese (all types) Frozen yogurt Ice Cream Milk (whole, 2% fat) Mozzarella (full fat) Sorbet (all types) Sour cream (full fat) Yogurt (full fat) Beverages
  6. 6. Healthy Weight "GO" Water (regular, mineral, sparkling, sugar-free) Bouillon Coffee (regular, iced, cappuccino, espresso, latte; no sugar, fat free milk) Diet soda Sugar free beverages Hot cocoa mix (w/ water, sugar free, fat free) Tea (all types, no sugar) Overweight "No" Alcohol (beer, wine, mixed drinks) Beverages with sugar, high fructose corn syrup or other caloric sweeteners) Sweets & Treats Healthy Weight "GO" Diet soda Non-nutritive natural or artificial sweeteners Sugar free gelatin Sugar free popsicles Sugar free pudding Overweight "No" Candy bars Chocolates Honey Jam/jelly Marmalade Molasses Frozen treats (w/ sugar) Soda (w/ sugar) Syrup (all types) Tofu frozen dessert Condiments Healthy Weight "GO" Butter, butter substitute (limit 1 pat per day) Garlic Ginger Herbs Horseradish Hummus Ketchup (1 T/day) Lemon juice Lime juice Margarine (1 pat/day) Overweight "No" Bacon bits Croutons Lard Mayonnaise (full fat) Olives (packed in oil) Peanut butter Pickles (except dill) Salad dressings (full fat ranch, blue cheese, thousand island, etc; fat free honey mustard)
  7. 7. Mayonnaise (light, fat free - 1T/day) Mustard (lo-cal) Oil (olive) Olives (packed in water) Onion Parmesan, Romano cheese (1T/day) Pickles (dill) Salad dressing (lo-cal, fat free or vinaigrette 4T/day) Salsa (4T/day) Sauerkraut Shallots Sour cream (low fat, fat free) Soy sauce Spaghetti sauce (sugar free) Spices (all) Tahini sauce Sandwich spreads Seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, etc.) Shortening (vegetable) Sour cream (full fat) Sweet pickle relish
  8. 8. Here is a list of specific Items I would recommend that you get. I put them in certain categories to make it easier to keep track of. Proteins • Bumble bee solid white albacore tuna • Healthy Choice lunchmeat or any other with at least a 2:1 protein to fat ratio (watch the salt) • Look for “Lean” in the description Breads and Cereals • Pepperidge Farms 100% Whole Wheat Bread: This is the only one that does not contain high fructose corn syrup. • Tumoro’s 100% organic tortillas if you are in the mood for a wrap rather than a sandwich. Plus you save 80 calories in the wrap at 120 versus 200 calories for two slices of even the healthiest bread. • Quaker Oats Weight control Oatmeal 7grams of protein 6 grams of fiber and less than 1 gram of sugar • Fiber One or Fiber one with Raisins cereal. If you eat this with half a banana or a ½ cup of blueberries or any other fruit you will fill so much fuller throughout the day and have less of a chance of overeating at lunch time especially if you follow it with a healthy snack like low fat yogurt or cottage cheese three hours later. • Super Pretzel Microwave snacks .This is a treat that can kill a craving in an acceptable manner with 2 Tbl spoons of Tostitos medium con queso its only 200 calories 6 grams of protein and about 3.5 grams of fat. Without the sauce its only 160 calories 5 grams of protein. Just be careful because there is a lot of carbohydrate in here. Just check your 12 laws to see when it’s acceptable to eat it. Milk & Dairy • Breakstones fat free cottage cheese • Hearst Smart American cheese slices or Kraft fat free slices • Skim milk • Dannon Light & Fit yogurt sweetened with Splenda • Dannon light Plain yogurt in the 32 oz container to mix fresh fruits and protein shakes for smoothies with crushed Ice. Here is an amazing resource that I use quite often. I think you will get a lot of benefit from this site as it takes a lot of the guess work out of what you are eating. I hope this helps and please let me know if you need more specific food items for your list. Just ask and I will do my best. Good luck!