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Camera Angles


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Various Camera Angles

Published in: Art & Photos
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Camera Angles

  1. 1. Camera Angles Created by: Fasiha Zaheer
  2. 2. This shot makes the viewer look down on the action. People and settings look tiny and ant-like. This shots are usually taken from air vehicles or satellites. Birds Eye View
  3. 3. This angle looks down on someone, it makes the person or object small and insignificant. High Angle
  4. 4. This angle looks up on something or someone making it look bigger than it really is. The background of a low angle shot will tend to be just of the sky or a ceiling. Low Angle
  5. 5. A slanted angle shows an object or someone from an unnatural point of view. Slanted Angle
  6. 6. An eye level angle shows the object of the picture looking directly at you . It is the most common and the camera is positioned as though it is a human actually observing a scene. Eye Level