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This presentation is about Sahiwal. And it will explain about demographic about sahiwal.

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  1. 1. Presented to: Prof. Zia ur Rehman Presented By: M.Faisal Saddique Bc11-292(E-Morning) Hailey College of Commerce, University of Punjab,Lahore.
  2. 2. Sahiwal Division is in the southeast of Punjab. From Multan it lies between 30-40 north latitude and 73-06 longitude. It is 500 ft (150 m) above sea level.
  3. 3. The Sahiwal has been settled from the prehistorical era. Harappa is an archaeological site, about 35 km (22 mi) west of Sahiwal that was built approximately 2600 BCE. The area was part of South Asian empires and in crossroads of migrations and invasions from Central Asia. Sahiwal was an agricultural region with forests during the Indus Valey Civilization, The Vedic period is characterized by Indo-Aryan culture that invaded from Central Asia and settled in Punjab region
  4. 4. The climate of Sahiwal Division is extremely hot, reaching 4550 degrees Celsius max in summers, and cold in winter down to 5-10 degree Celsius. The soil of the division is very fertile. The average rainfall is about 2000 mm.
  5. 5. The Sahiwal dairy breed is the best dairy breed of Pakistan. Cows average 2270 kilograms of milk while suckling a calf and much higher milk yields have been recorded.
  6. 6. Civil Hospital Qayum Hospital Christian Hospital Qurashi Hospital Shaukat Khanam Lab Agha Khan Lab Sadiq Medical care Hospital
  7. 7.      Faridia Park Nawaz Sharif Park Kanaan Park Yaadgar Park Gulshan Iqbal Park
  8. 8. Allied School The knowledge School Divisional Public School Dar-e-Arqam Golden Gate School Punjab College Superior College Shible College High Career College of Commerce The limit College of Commerce Muhaddan Law College Govt. College of Commerce Govt. Post graduate College Bahaudin Zikriya University(Sahiwal campus) COMSATS Institute of Information and Technology And Many more........
  9. 9. Sahiwal's industries include cotton ginning and pressing, tanning, textile (City cloth palace, City Fashion Centre), textile spinning, weaving, leather products, garments, pharmaceuticals, flour mills, food processing, oil mills, cold storage, potato, tobacco, vegetable ghee/cooking oil, biscuits, chip board, confectionery, and woollen textile spinning and weaving. The Sahiwal breed of cattle, recognised as productive among Zebu dairy breeds. The main crops of the Sahiwal are wheat, cotton, sugarcane, maize and rice. Main fruits are mangoes and guava. Sahiwal is a green and fertile town with 11,522 acres (46.63 km2) forests. KSC is an electrical industry in Sahiwal, producing water heaters, water coolers, air coolers, fans and washing machines.