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Effective meeting


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Effective Meeting is a topic of Inter Personal Skills. This presentation is covered all aspects of effective meeting.

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Effective meeting

  1. 1. Effective Meeting Subject: Inter Personal Skill Presented to: Prof. Bushra Siddiqi Presented By: Zil ul Hassan Bc11-274 Fiaz Ahmad Bc11-285 Saad bin Khalid Bc11-297 Muhammad Saleem Bc11-256 Salman Haidery Bc11-290 Faisal Saddique Bc11-292
  2. 2. Presentation Outline  What is Meeting?  Types of Meeting  Meeting Problems  Strategies  Solution & Meeting Hints
  3. 3. Meeting Definition:  Gathering  Discussion  Topic
  4. 4. Introduction:  Meeting process has impact on outcome.  Managing meeting is a set of skill.  There’re many types of meeting.  An expensive activity.  Tend to be often overlooked.  All meeting basic are the same.
  5. 5.  General     Types of Meeting: Information Sharing Share gather information and reports status. Information Dissemination To share critical information Problem Solving & Decision making Solve problem and make decision Symbolic/ Social To celebrate special event or share reorganization for a job well done.
  6. 6. Types of Meeting  Virtual Types:  Video Conference  Chat Groups  Conference Phone Calls  Meeting via E-mail  Project intranets and extranets
  7. 7. FOLLOWING ARE SOME STRATEGIES FOR EFFECTIVE MEETING: Clear purpose  Clarify agenda  Pre-meeting preparation  Ground rules and regulations  Punctuality  Good leadership  Teamwork  Communicate important information to all members 
  8. 8. CLEAR PURPOSE  An effective meeting is always a purposeful one  Be aware of the exact reason behind meeting  Purpose must be sensible  Purpose must be adequate for a meeting Caution: Without a clear purpose, the meeting might result useless and ineffective.
  9. 9. CLARIFY AGENDA  Crafting an agenda is essential  Provides a framework for the meeting  Helps to lead the meeting is required direction  Also gives effective outcomes
  10. 10. PRE-MEETING PREPERATION Notify members if they need to make preparations before meeting.  Get prepared about what to say and discuss  Get prepared for any sort of dress code (if required)  Prepare yourself mentally for the meeting as well  Get all your preparations checked in the end 
  11. 11. GROUND RULED AND REGULATIONS Some basic rules must be decided before meeting. For example:  Who should speak when and for how much time  Whether to argue or not and to what extent  What things would be allowed and restricted
  12. 12. PUNCTUALITY All members must come on time  Meeting must start on exact time  It must end on the time given. (it may end before time but not late!)  tasks that are going to be done during meeting must take place on time 
  13. 13. GOOD LEADERSHIP  Good leader leads the meeting in the mandatory path  Keeps all the members on the track  Maintains coordination among participants  Helps the participants  Drives the meeting towards effective conclusion
  14. 14. Meeting Strategies Four P’s of Effective Meeting  Purpose It must be held Decide the purpose or outcome  Participants Appropriate size and composition Balance of task and process oriented members
  15. 15.  Plan Make logistical arrangement Prepare and circulate an agenda Consult with members before meeting Decide on decision making process  Process Begin with the review of past progress and clarify the purpose of meeting Establish ground rules Use visual and denote progress and idea Summarize meeting accomplishments and review assignments
  16. 16. Problems with Meeting  Lack of Agenda or Goals  Lack  Time of preparation and planning
  17. 17. PROBLEM  Silent  One member dominate  Costly
  18. 18. Solution of Meeting Problem  Clarify Agenda Inform all member about agenda Written copy of agenda to all member  Be prepared Always be prepared about meeting, agenda  Focusing Listen carefully, understand what people are saying
  19. 19. Helpful Meeting Hints Cost per minute of meeting  Announce the adjournment time right when meeting start  Set rule for Debate  Have a meeting standing up  Schedule all internal meetings for 30 minutes or less, unless a key decision must be made. 
  20. 20. Helpful Meeting Hints  Start and end the meeting on time  Complete meeting summary and send it out same day  Have fun