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Lush Clothing: Clothes for Fun and Wild Nights


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Are you a person that loves hanging out to bars and night clubs? If you are, so, how do you dress up? Do you have hard times thinking of what clothes to wear? Well, no more worries!

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Lush Clothing: Clothes for Fun and Wild Nights

  1. 1. Lush Clothing: Clothes for Fun and Wild NightsAre you a person that loves hanging out to bars and nightclubs? If you are, so, how do you dress up? Do you havehard times thinking of what clothes to wear? Well, nomore worries! Let me introduce you Lush Clothing, alocal clothing company designed 100% for drunks, bydrunks. Lush Clothing was founded in 2006, and israpidly becoming a favorite brand of everybody.As to the guys from the this clothing line, Lulu clothing is just so perfect for all those tranquilbar scene nights with friends, or fun enough for those wild nights at the clubs and barhopping from joint to joint in Redlands, Fullerton, San Bernardino, Hollywood or anywhereelse where your drunk adventures might take you.Lush clothing focus actually on creating stylish, trendy yet comfortable t-shirts, sweaters andhats for both girls and guys. Their designs and styles are fun, cute and creative. In terms ofthe styles, sure you will find the one that will fit for you. Why? Because with Lush clothing,you have a wide range of different styles to choose from. You can buy their clothes on theease of the internet, there are many shopping online offering their brand with discounts orpurchase directly to their website at Lush Clothing Online. Besides shirts on the LushClothing are always available for sale at any of the Lush event’s and parties that they throw.Moreover, Lush clothing, aside from its top quality, are very affordable in price. They arealways sale for reasonable cost. Many people who buy this brand said that they seem to getalways a nice reaction and complements from everyone they meet.Lush Clothing can always be found throwing a party or sponsoring some type of event in theInland Empire. And why shouldn’t they? The DJ’s that they always seem to get such as DJDFib from The Funk Pirates always brings the smooth beats and the crowds follow. As amatter of fact, recently, Lush Clothing and DJ DFib performed at the Royal Falconer in
  2. 2. Redlands and like always it was a great turn out. DJ DFib can also be found everyWednesday night cranking out the best in Hip Hop, Funk, Reggae and House at MargaritaBeach in San Bernardino.From house parties to club events Lush Clothing seems to have mastered the perfect formulafor great music, fun people, good times and no drama. So be sure, to have one of them onyour wardrobe and experience the feeling of being on style. Check out the clothes and thepictures online or you may even come to one of their events and see what the buzz is about.