Holiday formal wear featuring – badgley mischka dresses


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Holiday formal wear featuring – badgley mischka dresses

  1. 1. Holiday Formal Wear Featuring – Badgley MischkaDressesHappy Holidays fashionistas! We know what we want under our Christmas tree thisyear, do you? In any event, if you’re still in the process of planning your ultimate holidaywish list that’s okay there’s still time. But it’s never too early to find the right gown forthat special holiday event you’ve been waiting to go to all year. And of course we havesome great choices for you below, as if there was any doubt.
  2. 2. Razzle and DazzleThis violet sparkling sequin dress is so elegant. We believe that any girl would lookgreat in this gown. Our favorite details are the silk layer of fabric and the suede bowbelted waist. We also love the Grecian cut of the dress, which always work great atparties.
  3. 3. Trend: Sparkling SequinSugar and SpiceBadgley Mischka Dresses are a no brainer if you’re looking to dress to impress thisholiday season. This aqua floor length dazzler flaunts sheer layered chiffon and an edgy
  4. 4. embellished belt providing a touch of hardware. The crewneck detailing is also a greatdetail of this beautiful gown.Trend: Mix of edgy and softDoing It Well
  5. 5. This black floor length gown with cinched waist is absolutely elegant. The star of thegown has to be the embellished cap sleeves. When you wear a dress like this with somuch detailing at the neck, keep the jewelry at a minimum. The outfit paired withmetallic blue long sleeve gloves is stunning.Trend: Embellished Shoulders
  6. 6. Risk TakerThis deep purple loose fitting gown has some interesting detailing starting with theelegant wrap top and lace neckline. We love the contrast that the long sleeve leatherglove gives the gown. The entire look is a risky statement, but worth it if you can pull itoff.Trend: Leather and Lace
  7. 7. Dramatic DivaIf you have a flair for the dramatic then this dress is for you ladies. The strapless floorlength gown has an elegant metallic print over a black underlay. The design is pulledtogether nicely with a satin cumber bun inspired belt. We love the feather detailing atthe neckline.
  8. 8. Trend: FeathersHollywood Glamour
  9. 9. We love glam at WikiFashionista, so naturally this gown is the final gown that stands outto us in the fall/winter 2011 collection of Badgley Mischka dresses. Everything fromthe tiered bottom to the asymmetrical top makes this dress a wow.Trend: Nude and SequinAs always thanks for keeping it locked at, your source forwhat’s trending in fashion now.