The Baby Lulu Clothing Line


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The Baby Lulu Clothing Line

  1. 1. The Baby Lulu Clothing LineFor more than years now, the Baby Lulu clothing hasbrought beautifully designed and carefully craftedchildrens apparel to market. Their designs arebasically created for children at very affordable price.Baby Lulu clothing is a brand that has been one ofthe leading labels in childrens clothing today andactually exporting its joyous and highly colorful printsto different countries.. In addition Baby Lulu has wonthree Earnie Awards for girls infant/toddler casualdesign, in addition to a wide and loyal consumerfollowing. Baby Lulu clothing is a real touch ofsophistication mixed with a good dose of fun.The Baby Lulu clothing started in 1992 and wasdesigned by Erin Murphy, who at the very young ageof 4 shows her passion for design and sewing, whenshe decided to make a special gear to her pet frog. Atthe age of 10, she started to sew dress for her relatives, and this became a dream ofcreating beautiful, timeless clothing for kids sooner. Erin Murphy believes that childrenshould look good and feel good in the fashions and designs they wear.Baby Lulu clothing are actually available in some part of the world, from its originallocation in the UK, it has stores also in Japan, Australia, Europe and other locationsinternationally as well. Baby Lulu clothing is inspired by vintage tablecloths and otherinteresting fabrics. Bright colors and patterns all accompany the label as being notedas the top brands in the UK.Aside from cute, cuddly and lovable clothes for girls, the Baby Lulu Company alsooffers bedding for children. Sleepwear, layettes and other unique styles areimpressive in design and quality too. The Baby Lulu Company has a wide variety ofseasonal clothing and also has holiday fashions for those special times of the year.The Baby Lulu Company has those special occasion outfits as well, which bring asmile to even the youngest faces.What else is good about the Baby Lulu clothing is that, even if you had severallaunderings, it is still considered as long lasting and durable piece. For children’splaywear you be assured that it is not constricting, you can move freely, and is verycomfortable for toddlers as well as young children. And if it is summer or winterseason, nothing to worry, there are variety of clothes style you can chose from, as wellas the bedding patterns and designs for the perfect bedroom ensemble.If you want to get to know more information and about Baby Lulu clothing, you canvisit the internet. Search for the latest children’s clothing offer, the pricelist and eventhe nearest store location to you. . Many of the different styles, fashions, and latestdesigns can all be found in the catalogue listings via the web site, for you to find the
  2. 2. perfect childrens clothing your own child will love and be comfortable in.