Street Style That Will Never Go Out of Style


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Street Style That Will Never Go Out of Style

  1. 1. Street Style That Will Never Go out Of StyleWant to look dashing when steppingout of the house? Well first off, wemust define what sort of street styleyou have that will also show yourpersonality and individuality when itcomes to dressing up.Even if you are only going to gogrocery shopping, sometimes walkingaround the street to the supermarket isa great way for a healthy life and it’salso fun since you can play dress up.Before walking out make sure youhave a style that will always bepleasing to your eyes and the otherpedestrians’ eyes.You can always go safe with the classic styles.Classic styles refer to the trends that were popular ages ago. To men who want to lookmore mature, wearing the trends and fashion style of the Jazz Age will definitely addyears, wisdom and a sense fun in their look. The people of the jazz age know how tohave fun, to party over cocktails and dance!Red lipstick for women and trimmed hair and pomade for men dominated the jazz erathat also has a dash of elegance. Wearing teardrop heels and lovely coats for womenwith almost knee-length dresses that bespoke art-deco is the way to go. For men, lightcolored khaki pants and dark colored felt coats that can also come in patterns willabsolutely look dashing.If you want to go over the top (which is perfectly fine by the way) then think ofsomething dramatic.Think big collars and flamboyant colors to scream attention and give the otherpedestrians something to look at. A great hair-do will do the trick and if you can color itup with funky colors the better.A good style to follow here would be the Tokyo style. Check out the people of Shibuyaand Harajuku are wearing and from there, you can get great inspirations that will ofcourse turn heads in your neighborhood.A street style of mixing and matching several genres and style of clothing is the veryessence of street fashion.Remember that street fashion deals with casual clothing mostly as people simplydresses in order to do what they have to, such as errands or going to work andwalking down the street is simply just one of the routines but it wouldn’t hurt to spice itup a bit with clothing right?Keep your clothing comfortable at all times and you will have a style that would neverwore out.