Sequined tops let some sparkle back into your life


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Sequined tops let some sparkle back into your life

  1. 1. Sequined tops let some sparkle back into your lifeFeels so light when you wear it, feel so fine againstthe skin, emphasize all the positive aspects of a ladysfigure. These are the few, simple reasons why it solovely to wear stylish sequins clothing.They say wearing a sequence tops depends on howbrave you are. Well, outgoing, confident womenusually the one who take the challenge of wearing thiscloth. Yet, we may say that the sequin tops aresuitable for all ages. You will find them available foryoung girls, teenagers, young women and right theway through to styles that suit the more mature lady. Itcomes in all shapes and sizes. You can get plus sizesequin tops as well as extremely small sequin tops forgirls. Many sequined tops come sleeveless for aclassy evening sequin look. You can get a sequintunic! Some come beaded or with buttons and ofcourse they come in infinite designs and styles.Sequined tops are suitable for a party look but you can actually buy to wear it almostanywhere. You can buy sporty sequin tank tops to wear at the gym. You can buysequin beach tops for the hot sunny days at the beach. You can buy sequin tops forthe office and of course you can purchase sequin evening tops for your night out. Thiswill ensure you’re fashionable at any time of day or night.• Vintage is a really good way to wear sequined tops, then add some little pearl detail.• Another option for daytime is to go for something like a sequined vest thats just alittle bit more subtle, like almost matte sequins and that can be worn with jean shortsor blue jeans or black jeans for something a little bit simpler.• Another daytime option for sequins is to go with something thats more baggy.• An 80s batwing top from Beyond Retro, something that you probably want to keepfor evening and it could go with tailored black trousers or a black miniskirt forsomething really special.• Then for something that is oversized, it is always good to pair with denim shorts andjeans and some heels if you want to dress it for the night.Popular brands are Romeo and Juliet sequin tops, Alki, Kirra, Baby Phat, Bebe andGuess as well as all the usual designer brands such as Kalvin Klein and Armani whoalso make many different styles of sequined tops. And because these stylish shirts areso in right now, stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom alwayshave a steady supply and are your best bet for a variety of options. If you want a good,dependable sequin shirt without breaking the bank, Forever 21, Wet Seal and Expressare great bets for mid-range style. But if youre really after a bargain, you may be ableto find a limited variety of sequin shirts at K-Mart, Wal-Mart or Kohls.
  2. 2. No matter what you choose, or however brave you feel, be sure to have the sequinedtops on your wardrobe, enjoy yourself and let some sparkle back into your life.