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The Footloose Frye Boots!


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The Footloose Frye Boots!

  1. 1. The Footloose Frye Boots!The Footloose theatre phenomenonhad definitely a foot in it. Everyonewent gaga after seeing Julian Houghstomping and dancing in them. Trueenough, the lady herself (Hough)loves the pair of Frye boots. Shementioned that wearing a pair of Fryeboots is the best part of the job, that they are very comfortable and is way better thanballroom shoes.The difference with Frye boots and mile-high stilettos is that wearing the latter pairwould give your tootsies some ouchies when worn too long even if you’re juststanding drinking a glass of cocktail drink. What more would it hurt if you weredancing with mile-high stilettos right?The great thing about Frye boots is that savvy fashionistas coming from the urbanscene and even country scene have sworn by the Frye boots for years. They never goout of fashion and they can also be worn with everything from jeans to sweaterdresses and get compliments all the time. Which means, even the mostunfashionable girl in town can never go wrong with a pair of these lovely boots.But the best part about Frye boots is it durability. They literally last forever, that’swhy people aren’t hesitant when purchasing a pair no matter if the price tag is $200.It doesn’t seem so expensive when you get years of wear from a single pair. Gettinganother pair won’t hurt of course!If you are on a budget you can still get a pair at thrift stores if you are really good atsearching and scouring for them. But if you don’t have the time and effort here is alist of great pairs to boot!
  2. 2. Frye Taylor Pull OnThese are the classic ones that every fashion savvy chic should have. It’s also whatJulianne Hough wore in the film!The classic look and color will always give a kick to the traditional cowboy look or theclassic country girl look, it that’s what’s you’re after.Deborah Studded HarnessIf you think the former pair is a bit too high for you then why don’t you try and sporta pair of these Deborah studded harness? They are very fashionable and goes well inthe urban scene, think girls night out! These pair of boots can dress up even thesimplest outfit or it can also make a cute accessory to a dressier look.Still don’t have a pair of these? It’s not too late!