Street style halloween edition west hollywood carnival 2011


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Street style halloween edition west hollywood carnival 2011

  1. 1. STREET STYLE HALLOWEEN EDITION: West Hollywood Carnival 2011Okay fashionistas! We hit up the West Hollywood Carnival this past Halloween. And boy did we seesome great costume. Below are some of our favorite costumes from the night.OMG fashionistas! It’s the ice queen. Check out this diva’s spiked shoulder pads, spiked crown andsilk white bodice. So fierce! She finishes her costume with blue eye shadow and blue lipstick. Finally,we loved her pet bird. At first we thought it was real, so we kept our distance, but it wasn’t. Everythingabout this costume was so realistic, we were really impressed. We vote this one best overall costume.
  2. 2. How cute is this outfit! We love the glitter wigs and silver shiny metallic dress and oversized statementpearls. We think he-she’s a Power puff, and not too sure about what else this costume is, but it lookedamazing in person. The drag queens were out in full force in West Hollywood celebrating Halloweenin style.Super creative again from the “Legend of Zelda” video game, is the above awesome costume. This
  3. 3. Halloween fashionista came equipped with full cartable display case and crystal ball. Her makeup isflawless and her we love her red peasant top and black dress with cinched empire waist. We vote thisone most creative.Okay who doesn’t love the Simpsons! What we really love is Marge’s super sexy sequin mini dress. Herbeehive could have been a little taller, but we’ll let her slide because she’s super cute!
  4. 4. We love how creative people get during Halloween, check out the walking portraits. While the MonaLisa does have a mustache, the farmer’s couple does look accurate despite the ultra tan skin (maybeit’s an extreme farmer’s tan).Next we bumped into a femme-bot fashionistas! Dressed in head to in shiny mirror ball squares andcompleted with 5 inch platforms, this costume was amazing to see in person. We vote this one LadyGaga worthy. Oh and posing with our fave femme-bot is Circus Britney Spears. Check the glitzybustier and lace mini skirt, very Hollywood.
  5. 5. We’re pretty sure that “A Nightmare Before Christmas” has something to do with the reason whyHalloween is more like Christmas around the world than Christmas actually is. We loved seeing Jackroaming the streets in West Hollywood. Monster love!
  6. 6. Showing us how to party West Hollywood style, this frisky group of carnival goers danced merrily inthe streets well into the night, proving to us that the West Hollywood carnival is the place to be onHalloween to let loose and get your monster on.Thanks for keeping it locked at, your source for what’s trending in fashionnow.