Ss 2012 milan fashion week highlights


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Ss 2012 milan fashion week highlights

  1. 1. It’s been one week after another fashionistas ! First we started out in New York, then wehopped across the pond to London for a posh viewing of new SS 2012 designs, and quicklymove on to Milan to see our favorite Italian designers. So, here are a few highlights from SS2012 fashion week in Milan. So much fashion so little time.PucciTeam Pucci presented bohemian glamSS2012 collection complete with skin tight mini dresseswith intricate figure flattering patterns, flowing maxi dresses with ascending hems and printedsilk blouses. Above from left to right we see white tailored loose fitting slacks (Italian designersare known for their tailoring), next we see an extra flirty leg revealing floor length dress with
  2. 2. contrasting prints that Pucci is known for. We also enjoyed seeing the statement jewelry andstrappy sandals that we saw on the runway as well.Jil SanderNext the SS2012 Jil Sander collection was definitely one of our favorites to see. The looks werethe most wearable of Milan fashion week. Simple prints, combinations, and layered dressessum up the entire line. A variety of light blues, black and burgundy were the main colors. Theblazers are the stand out pieces in the assortment of designer digs. We’re also a fan of theveiled headwear that added a bit of dramatic flair to the show.
  3. 3. Salvatore FerragamoKnown for his elegant gowns, Ferragamo showcased some sexy gowns with bold colors andexotic patterns. Above we see a tasteful use of aqua and purple silk worked into a sweetheartneckline, twist front and high front slit gown. Next week see the sam deep purple with a singlecross neck strap and oversized bow at the waist and of course this Ferragamo look is notcomplete without a high side slit. Last we see a safari print mashup of red orange, hot pink andgold hues, belted in a halter top dress design.
  4. 4. Just CavalliAs most designers tired to do, Just Cavalli had at least one show stopping maxi dress. Weenjoyed seeing the rope neck and rope tied belted accents on the above animal print dress.Then getting back to the Italian tailoring that we look forward to seeing at Milan fashion shows,Just Cavalli SS 2012 did some stitching on leather pants that was a bit innovative and thetextured blazers were a refreshing alternative to the safe and simple black. We’re not too surehow wearable the gold skinny pants are, but were sure some fashion divas will try to rock themanyway. We appreciate the glam rock mash up from the Just Cavalli team.What were you’re SS2012 collections from Milan Fashion Week? Feel free to comment below.As always, thanks for keeping it locked at , your source for what’strending in fashion now.