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Paris fashion week_report_dw_by_kanye_west_ru


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Paris fashion week_report_dw_by_kanye_west_ru

  1. 1. Paris Fashion Week Report: Dw byKanye West RunwayThe fashion world had many surprises during fashion week, but one of the biggest camefrom Paris Fashion week and the success of newbie fashion designer Kanye West.Everyone in fashion is still a buzz about the debut of “Dw” by West. But you should beyour own judge, so check out the runway below.
  2. 2. There were a lot of gems that came down the runway in Paris at the Dw show, startingwith the above outfit. The long sleeve shimmering jacket casually worn over a simplewhite tee, paired with vibrant stonewashed skin tight blue jeans has all the makings ofan easy runway to retail look.
  3. 3. This second outfit is also very wearable. The loose fitting gauze wrap off the shouldertop is super sexy and the shiny white snakeskin pants take this look to the next level ofsexy sophistication. We’re impressed so far with the saleable quality of the Dw line, sofar so good.
  4. 4. We’re surprised at the sophistication of this all white outfit, which was often the color ofchoice sent down the runway. We love the layered and wrapped design of the outfitover white pants, The long jacket with shoulder pads gives this outfit an ultra chicappeal.
  5. 5. The snakeskin oversized long sleeve cropped jacket was the perfect layering piece forthe white Dw mini dress seen above. We especially are drawn to the bandage stripdesign with accents of shimmer. Did we mention the this line is ultra sexy? No really itis.
  6. 6. Moving right along, leave it up to Kanye to cut the front out of a dress and send it downthe runway with no hesitation. We can’t wait to see which celebrities snatch up theabove ultra sexy leather knee length frock or the long sleeve knit dress. And check outthe white and black futuristic footwear fashionistas, we’d love to see them make it to thestores as well.
  7. 7. These nude dresses we’re a nice sight to see coming down the runway. The longsleeve mini dress looks simple, but the ultra soft and slinky fabric is what makes thispiece worth some attention. We see the nude come down the runway again with thisbelow the knee bandage dress. We see the same structure transition from simple toedgy with a few daring alterations.
  8. 8. Last but not least are two more white dresses from the collection. One is a two piecewith an off the shoulder quarter sleeve top paired with a long faux wrap skirt and theother is a see through Lady Gaga inspiredlong sleeve hooded dress.