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Paris fashion week_miu_miu_ss_2012_runway_rev

  1. 1. Paris Fashion Week: Miu Miu SS 2012Runway ReviewKnown for catering to a more youthful audience, the theme for Miu Miu SS 2012 runwayshow was driven by one recurring accessory, the shawl. The Miu Miu models weretransformed into cape crusaders for the debut of the new designs from the Miu Miucollection. Check out some of our favorites from the show below and as always thanksfor checking back with us for more of today’s hottest fashion trends.
  2. 2. First we spotted this single black velvet drawstring laced through a fine blue satin microshawl worn over a grey strapless satin knee length dress with embroidered bodice. It’syoung and innocent style is clever and appealing.Next we spotted the above vibrant bright red mid length shawl coat with black velvetribbon tie layered over a black long sleeve mini dress. Fashionistas could even wearthis jacket over a simple crewneck tee and crisp pair of dark denim jeans accented witha statement belt.
  3. 3. From left to right: We see a preppy mid length lilac satin jacket with black velvetdrawstring layered over a grey mini dress with long sleeves and men’s collar. Next is acute grey lace cropped shawl with black velvet drawstring tie layered over a blue printedcrop top and high waist mini skirt with mixed patterns.
  4. 4. On the right is a tan lace knee length shawl jacket with black velvet drawstring layeredover a black and white monochrome print high waist skirt with matching crop top. On theleft is a lace burgundy knee length shawl jacket with black velvet drawstring layeredover a yellow, burgundy and black mixed print dress.
  5. 5. Designed for cooler weather this Miu Miu mini dress with a tightly cinched bandagewaist is an interesting interpretation of a winter dress. The matching grey flower at theneck adds a feminine element to this otherwise masculine dress.
  6. 6. Also spotted on the runway was this wool grey micro shawl with a black velvetdrawstring tie layered over a collared button front long sleeved menswear cropped shirtpaired with a black high waist flowing skirt.Miu Miu is one of those fun and flirty lines that we love to see on the runway. The shawlaccessory theme kept the show interesting enough to keep our attention. What did youthink of the new Miu Miu designs? Are you the type of fashionista to wear anything fromthe new Miu Miu SS 2012 collection or not? We want to know. Comment below.