Look and feel good with your espadrilles wedge


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dresses or even skirts depending on your style. Espadrilles wedge offers you the added height, comfort and balance which you don’t get with pointed heels. It also helps in slimming your legs.

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Look and feel good with your espadrilles wedge

  1. 1. Look and Feel Good with your Espadrilles WedgeEspadrilles Wedge, the most comfortable and trendiest footwear of alltime. These espadrilles wedges are the ideal types of shoes that go wellwith both casual and formal outfit. Your wardrobe wouldn’t becomplete without these pair of shoes. It complements dresses wornduring dissimilar seasons. You can’t go wrong if you wear them withshorts, floaty flirty summer dresses or even skirts depending on yourstyle. Espadrilles wedge offers you the added height, comfort andbalance which you don’t get with pointed heels. It also helps inslimming your legs.Espadrilles were originally manufactured for the farmers in Spain, due to their comfortabilityand durability factors. These shoes offer extreme comfortability to your feet. You can wearthese shoes for long hours and do lot of walks without the feeling of a bit pain. Espadrilleswedge are made of high quality material. The sole of the place are real hard and durable, andoffer a strong grip on the ground. Since these shoes were originally made for farmers, theidea was to make them with the material that was found in abundance of nature. That is thereason the upper part of these shoes was made either with cotton or canvas whereas the lowerpart was made with rope that in turn was made from a certain grass that was found inabundance in that area. The name of this specific grass from which the rope is made isEsparto. That is how these shoes came to be called by their current name.Recently, espadrilles wedge became a fashion symbol and gradually gained prominencearound the world. They come in bright, bold and vibrant colors and are the perfect friend foryoung women who have the option to choose from a wide range while shopping. One greatthing about espadrilles wedge is that they can be found in any heel height, from virtually flatto skyscraper high. These stylish shoes can be paired up with cropped pants, short tops orflower print dresses in order to create a signature look. Since these look apt with summerdresses you should choose suitable accessories that will go with your shoes.You can also wear espadrilles wedge along with your exclusive party wear. This will not onlyadd zing to your attire but also enhance your looks. Then, if you want to wear short skirt withjazzy tops and want to look yourself funky as well as stylish then you should go for flirty andtie-lace espadrilles wedge. You are sure to be the center of attraction of the party as you willbe a stunner as they go perfectly with your attire in order to rock the party.If you have a corporate party to attend you can team espadrilles wedge with a white cottonblouse or shirt or black trouser or skirt in order to add an element of fun to your overall attire.You can also add pastel shades like cream, light blue, light pink to add some vibrancy to yourformal outfit.You can actually choose from many different styles that are available in the market. You willnot only look good but you will also feel very comfortable wearing them.