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L.A. Fashion Week Highlight: Frederick's of Hollywood Swimwear @ Project Ethos


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L.A. Fashion Week Highlight: Frederick's of Hollywood Swimwear @ Project Ethos

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L.A. Fashion Week Highlight: Frederick's of Hollywood Swimwear @ Project Ethos

  1. 1. L.A. Fashion Week Highlight: Fredericks ofHollywood Swimwear @ Project EthosA month ago in New York, a fashion fuse was lit that reached around the globe, andfinally fashionistas, Fashion Week has come to the land of glitz and glamour. LosAngeles Fashion Week is arguably one of the biggest fashion arenas for West Coastdesigners to showcase their newest designs for the season. We have the inside scoopon all of the exhibitions and runways to come for this exciting week. So, take a frontseat with us and check out LA Fashion Week with us at it up to Project Ethos to kick things off with a sexy showcase of swimsuits.California is all about taking it off and enjoying the perfect weather. From the beachto poolside at one of LA’s upscale 5 star hotels, it’s all about what you wear whengetting wet. Nothing screams LA more than sending a bunch of models dressed insultry two-pieces and heels. Check out a few of our favorite highlights from theFrederick’s of Hollywood swimwear collection below.
  2. 2. If there is a sexier word than “sexy,” then it would apply to this two-piece black andsilver embellished strappy bikini. We especially find the ringlets holding the thickstraps in place at the front of the swimsuit to be a uniquely fierce detail.
  3. 3. Next up is this earthy two-piece paired with a Pocahontas mini wrap. The whitebikini sports some appealing tan and turquoise beading in all of the right places. Thestand out detail of this outfit is the super sexy fringe wrap that ties at the side.
  4. 4. Last but not least is this cheetah print string bikini. The standard drawstring bratop is balanced by the unique bikini bottom boasting a mix of conservative andlaissez-faire double string tie design. This swimsuit is flirty with a capital “F” to saythe least.We feel like summer is so much closer after seeing what fun swimwear possibilitieswe can look forward to from the Frederick’s of Hollywood collection. We have to saythat they definitely covered their bases from fierce to earthy to flirty glam sexy. Wecan tell that the collection was meant to have something for every girl. We’re soexcited that LA fashion week has started off with a big bang and fashion splash.Which suit was your favorite? Leave us a comment below. Thanks for keeping it
  5. 5. locked at, your source for what’s trending in fashion now.