Fur coats and designer jackets, which to go for


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Fur coats and designer jackets, which to go for

  1. 1. Fur Coats and Designer Jackets, Which to Go For?Designerjackets are allthe rage butthere are stillthose who stillcling to thewarmth thatfur coats offer.But fashionwise and beingcompassionate, which one should we go for?The winter season kicked in with the traditional epidemic of flu for our fellows withweak immune systems. The quickest and best remedies to fight off the cold asidefrom hot tea or coffee are designer jackets and coats.Why You Should Never Wear Fur CoatsThe number one reason why people shouldn’t dare thrown fur coats on their back issimply because it’s hard to look good in them. That’s right, it has to do more withbeing fashionable first. Fur coats are often bulky and are heavy, making the personwearing it tired faster and the colors are hard to coordinate with other outfits sincefur coats may often have spots and or streaks.The number two reason is that people who wear fur coats are often thought of asstupid and heartless. Spectators would not have to wait for you to open your mouthto remove all doubts that you’re an idiot if they see you sporting a fur coat. Justlooking at the dead animal skin over your body is enough to confirm that you trulyare stupid. Only cavemen back in the Jurassic era would dare wear fur coats because
  2. 2. they don’t have much of an option to fight off the cold winter season and one of thedaily tools they often use are clubs for smashing furry creatures.Going for Designer Jackets?If you really want something that would help you fight off the chills of winter and atthe same time looking rather dashing then go for designer jackets. Some designerjackets are made with synthetic materials that are capable of giving enough warmthagainst the cold. The great thing with designer jackets is that they come in a lot ofvarieties and options to choose from.Jackets like this often come in higher prices but you can nab them online for greatdeals. Designer jackets can also be grabbed at discounted rates. Just wait forpromotions and sales then you can get a discount from your favorite shop. You don’thave to shop for newly designed jackets, most of them are timeless pieces that willalways be in fashion. Designer jackets are the answer to your winter woes.