Celebrity fashion trend louboutin love


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Celebrity fashion trend louboutin love

  1. 1. Celebrity Fashion Trend: Louboutin LoveHello again fashionistas! Women around the world seem to harbor an unnatural obsession forLouboutin luxury high heels. We call it “Louboutin love.” This fashionable footwear is coveted by thetruly privileged with money to splurge. Then there are celebrities who don’t always shell out the bigbucks for pricey items, but they get them regularly nonetheless. Yet another sweet perk in the life of acelebrity fashionista! If we can get Louboutins for free, we’re signing up for acting and vocal lessons.Check out the lucky celebs showing their Louboutin love below.Long time Louboutin collector, Victoria Beckham is notorious for accenting her outfits with a freshpair of Louboutin pumps no matter what occasion. Above Beckham is pictured wearing a sleek pair of
  2. 2. black sky high Louboutin platforms with a casual tee/skinny jean combination and vintage leatherjacket. The mother of 4 is almost always in heels.Rihanna is another celebrity fashionista known for her extravagant fashion style. Above the redheadedbombshell is wearing a simple white sheath dress, spiced up with a pair of nude pointed-toeLouboutin stilettos armed with studs and bows. The statuesque songstress no doubt felt like a princesswhile attending the RocNation event in New York sponsored by Gucci.
  3. 3. Kate Moss is pictured above wearing her favorite pair of Louboutin knee high boots. The super modelis rarely seen not wearing her red soles. Moss is wearing a fuzzy black pea coat, black leggings and ablack oversized floppy hat. Kate appears to be enjoying her fashion moment. Youd assume thatLouboutin-lover Kate Moss was inundated with freebies...
  4. 4. Mila Kunis is a confessed Louboutin-aholic. While promoting her recent films earlier this yearincluding Black Swan, the stunning actress wore Louboutins to her premieres and red carpet events.Just about any time it calls for Kunis is seen on the red carpet, she wears her red soles. Above thesuper fit actor wore a pair of black rounded-toe platforms with thick heels. And her silk strapless navyblue knee length dress with oversized belt was flawless.
  5. 5. New mom, Jessica Alba wore a super hot pair of ankle strap Louboutins to the American MusicAwards. We love her choice in asymmetrical single shoulder little black dress, statement necklace.Alba polished her look with a slick back ponytail with a modest part and smoky eyes.
  6. 6. We’re absolutely a fan of Michelle Williams’s red carpet style and she is an absolute fan of Louboutin.The Marilyn Monroe actress wore a traditional pair of 3 ½ inch pumps by Louboutin. Her outfit was atuxedo inspired mini jumper. We adore her look.Thanks for keeping it locked at www.wikifashionista.com, your source for what’s trending in fashionnow.