Affordable Luxury Style – Karl Lagerfeld for Macy’s


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Affordable Luxury Style – Karl Lagerfeld for Macy’s

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Affordable Luxury Style – Karl Lagerfeld for Macy’s

  1. 1. Affordable Luxury Style – Karl Lagerfeld for Macy’sHere’s something to get excited about fashionistas ! Karl Lagerfeld is selling hisdesigns in Macy’s. We remember a time when some high-end designers we’re onlyadmired on the runways or in the pages of Elle Magazine by the common fashionistason a strict budget and only obtainable by the wealthy and famous. Today however, itis possible to have it all ladies. Clothing distribution deals like these are quiterevolutionary in a sense, because let’s face it, never in a million years did we everthink it would be possible to get a Karl Lagerfeld creation at Macy’s. We can’t helpbut wonder if this is the beginning of a growing trend for luxury brands. We alreadysee it booming in the fashion celebrity endorsement category. We’ve also witnessedthe success of upscale fashion designer Vera Wang’s line at Kohl’s. So Lagerfeld is notreinventing the wheel here. We don’t know who else will jump on the departmentstore distribution train, but we’re sure glad that he did. Check out the sample photosof the Karl Lagerfeld collection for Impulse below already being sold exclusively atMacy’s stores nationwide.
  2. 2. For fall 2011, Lagerfeld has opted for a lot of simple black pieces that you can dressup or down. Like this sleeveless turtleneck sweater dress pair with his signaturefingerless black leather biker gloves for that rough edge feminine look he’s famousfor.
  3. 3. Next we see more clean black. This time Lagerfeld gives us a sleeveless turtleneck toppaired with some sleek black skintight leather pants and signature fingerless blackleather biker gloves. This look is for the tough confident fashionista.
  4. 4. Now we transition from leather pants to leather short which are very fashion forwardand a huge 2011 fashion trend for summer transitioning into fall. This edgy outfit ispolished off with patterned tights underneath to bring a little drama to the look.
  5. 5. Finally we see a fun oversized two toned tee with the likeness of Lagerfeld on thefront sporting his famous shades and fashion elitist scowl. Can’t say we didn’t see thisone coming. Nonetheless, the terry cloth will go nicely underneath a black fittedblazer.Price points for the collection are in the $50-$150 range, giving new meaning toaffordably chic. We highly recommend that you try to get your hands on this limitedcollection while it lasts. Let us know what you think if you do and thanks for keepingit locked .