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Uses of jewelry for different purposes


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Jewelries are used for different purposes which could be aesthetics, symbols of authority and royalties and lots more.

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Uses of jewelry for different purposes

  1. 1. Uses of Jewelry for Different PurposesJewelries are used for different purposes which could be aesthetics,symbols of authority and royalties and lots more. They can also beworn as crown, diadem, tiaras, aigrettes, hairpins, hat ornaments,earrings, nose rings, earplugs, lip rings and lots more. People wearnecklaces, pendants and collars on the neck. Pectorals, brooches,clasps, buttons and lots more can be worn on the breast.Crystal rings are special kinds of jewelries. Rings of assorted kindscan be worn as ornaments and in order to improve beauty andappearance. Rings are worn in the limb, ankle, neck and lots moreother places. Ladies who seek to enhance their beauty and look canuse different kinds of rings to achieve their aims. In most countries,royalties wear rings as a sign of their authority and offices. Rings arealso used to designate honor and for ornamental purposes.Crystal earrings are mostly worn by women in the world today.However, in some countries of the world, men as well as women wearearrings. Earrings are mostly worn as ornamental materials and foraesthetics purposes. Earrings are also used as decoration for deitiesin some mythologies such as Greek, Egypt and lots more. Differentsizes and styles of earrings exist and each of them is used for theornamental purposes.
  2. 2. Necklace is also a very common jewelry worn since ancient time. Thiskind of jewelry is often worn on the neck. Crystal necklace is oftenworn by the royal class in the ancient world. Men as well as womenwear earrings as an ornament. The quality and cost of a given jewelrydepend largely on the material used in manufacturing it. Someearrings are unisex; that is to say that they can be worn by men andwomen alike. Some other earrings are either designed for men or forwomen.
  3. 3. Ancient people specialize in handmade jewelry. The why andwherefore of this is that they do not have the required machines forproducing jewelries as modern people. However, the work of the artpracticed by the ancient people is of top notch qualities irrespective ofthe fact that they were made with the hands.