The relevance of jewelry in the society


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The relevance of jewelry in the society

  1. 1. The Relevance of Jewelry in the SocietyJewelries are used for different purposes which could be aesthetics,symbols of authority and royalties and lots more. The relevance ofjewelry in the society is enormous. Jewelries are ornaments producedfrom precious metals and stones such as gold, diamond, silver andmany more others. The material used in the production of a givenjewel goes a long way to determine its cost and value. For instance,jewelry manufactured with gold is often taken to be of a very highvalue because of the significance and value of gold to mankind.Lots of designers are in the business of producing different kindsof designer jewelry. Such jewelry can be used for producing designermaterials such as clothes, shoes and so on. The cost of designerjewelries is often very high because of the value they depict.
  2. 2. Shell jewelry and crystal jewelry come in different designs. Rings arealso used to designate honor and for ornamental purposes. They canbe worn by anybody who would be able to afford them. Usually, suchjewelry is used for ornamental purposes but can also be used forother things. They can be used as a sign of authority and position.Some other earrings are either designed for men or for women. Thisis mostly applied in ancient time but also finds application in the
  3. 3. modern world. The Roman Catholic pope’s insignia of authority is hisring, a jewel of very high value.Jewels are also used in exchanging marital vows. Bridal jewelrysets are in different designs, colors and types. Most people prefer topurchase high quality jewels for their wedding and other specialevents. This is because marriage is a lifetime event and the weddingring is supposed to be used by the couple for their lifetime. However,jewels such as bracelets are also very important because they serveas ornaments and are used for decorative purposes. Such jewel isoften worn by ladies in order to enhance their beauty. Necklaces arealso special kinds of jewelries worn on the neck. They are wornequally by men and women in different nations of the world.