The CBD (Beijing)


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The CBD (Beijing)

  1. 1. Beijing<br />
  2. 2. The CBD<br />CBDstands for Central Business District. Beijing is the capital of China and the CBD. A large amount of people is found there due to the fact that a lot of universities, offices, government buildings, headquarters, museums and many more things which are located there. .<br />The main shops are found there, so people travel from far away to find what they need. <br />There are a lot of offices and a lot of people work there.<br />
  3. 3. CBD in Beijing<br />The reason why there are a lot of skyscrapers and tall building everywhere, is because the land tends to be really expensive in that area so people try to “fit” most of the offices in one piece of land. <br />The CBD is well connected by public transport, there are millions of people using buses, trains, trams etc. everyday to reach their destination. But there are also a lot of traffic problems due to the big movement of people all over the city everyday.<br />Like most of the CBDs Beijing contains large public buildings such as libraries, churches stations and town halls. It does not contain a lot of house but there are hotels. A lot of shops and branches of major department stores are found there. <br />What is mostly found in Beijing's CBD is a lot of offices and professional buildings although there is little or no industry.<br />
  4. 4. Problems in the CBD in Beijing<br />Unfortunately Beijing faces a lot of problems like most of the CBDs do. Some of these problems are:<br />A lot of traffic and traffic jams.<br />Lack of space and high cost of land.<br />Urban Decline.<br />Pollution.<br />
  5. 5. Traffic Problems<br />A lot of people today, prefer to use their cars instead of metros, buses, trams and other transportation means. This may lead to big traffic jams that can take hours until you reach your destination. People don’t use their cars only to get to their jobs but to places such as shops, cinemas, and other entertainment areas. Which makes the traffic problems even worse. <br />Off-street parking is really common in Beijing. Off-street parking is when people park their cars on the roads instead of parking lots. This makes the roads really narrow and its hard for cars to pass through. <br />A lot of people own cars today, so the situation becomes hard when most of them use their cars every single day.<br />
  6. 6. Lack of space and High cost of land.<br />A lot of people visit the CBD every day this has a result of high-density land use. There is a competition of buildings which means the rents get very high. A lot of businesses try to find offices with cheap rents but they usually end up paying a lot of money. <br />Land is also a problem in the CBD. The reason why there are a lot of skyscrapers and high buildings is because there is either not enough land to build a lot of buildings or because the land is very expensive to buy. <br />The lack of space makes the cost of buildings and land much higher they normally should be.That’s why big companies or stores are found in Beijing or any other CBD. They can afford the high rents or cost of land, in comparison with the small shops. <br />
  7. 7. Urban Decline<br />Many shops and businesses can not afford the rent or the amount of money they have to pay for land so they move to different suburbia. This causes a decline of the population in the CBD and many buildings are left behind. <br />By urban decline, there is a lot of crime in a city, loss of businesses and unemployment. These are all very important factors because people are lead to crime and the economy of a country may fall. <br />
  8. 8. Pollution <br />In Beijing and in most of the CBDs pollution is a very common problem. It is usually caused by cars. The high volume of traffic every day, and the big number of people that are found in the CBD cause a lot of noise and atmospheric pollution. <br />The atmospheric pollution which is caused by cars, motorcycles etc. is a type of pollution which is commonly found in many cities. People with asthma suffer from it. A CBD such as Beijing has a lot of traffic everyday so there is a lot of atmospheric pollution formed in the air. <br /><ul><li> Atmospheric pollution is not the only pollution we can find in a CBD, noise pollution is a very big problem too. It is again caused by a lot of traffic in a place and can be found in every CBD.</li></li></ul><li>Solutions<br />For every problem there is a solution. Beijing has become a much better CBD by following strict rules such as:<br />The high rice building could also have an increase of floor. <br /><ul><li>To stop unemployment and urban decrease people there could be a redevelopment of certain zones in the CBD.
  9. 9. For pollution, the government formed strict laws for not throwing trash all over the city and placed bins and road sweeping all over the CBD. The citizens should also use vehicles which will run on cleaner fuels. Planting trees would also help a lot in not having pollution anymore, but would also make the CBD look nicer.
  10. 10. For the traffic jams that are daily found the government built new ring roads where no traffic is formed and drivers can easily drive. A lot of new parking lots and garages were also build so people can park their cars without making the roads narrow and causing a traffic jam.
  11. 11. For the high rents and the high cost of land, people could be all the shopping centers few miles out from the CBD so there would be more space, and in the CBD we could just find businesses. </li></li></ul><li>Thank you for watching.<br />By: Maria Voureka <br />