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La città dei ragazzi prof. d'eugenio e ivh-part iii


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Published in: Spiritual
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La città dei ragazzi prof. d'eugenio e ivh-part iii

  1. 1. The “Città dei ragazzi” is meant to be a real city for the yougsters so, exactly like a real city, is based on a constitution and is ruled by a Mayor and a council of advisors (all guys). It has facilities like a bank, a bazaar, a theatre, a church,a barbershop, a restaurant etc… Finally, it has also its own currency : the “scudo”
  2. 2. The “scudo” The “scudo” is the local currency…the citizens get it according to their participation to the activities of the community. So, the economic system has the aim of educating the youngsters to the value of work and personal commitment. The “scudo” is symbol of acknowledgement of the productivity and social responsibility.
  3. 3. The government The government is formed by the mayor and the committee of councillors. Every citizen who has already spent at least six months in the community, can become the mayor. He has to prepare a two months long program, and he has to nominate the committee of councillors. The Mayor’s duties are to act as a spokesman and to manage the citizen’s council. The commette of councillors is made up of: -councillor for the finances -> He manages the allocation of the “scudi” -councillor for the didactic-recreational activity -councillor for the cleaning and hygiene Moreover, three times a week, all the citizens participate to the citizens’ council.
  4. 4. The citizens’ council Three times a week all the citizens meet in the assembly where they discuss and deal about their problems, their proposals and their feelings. It is the most important element for the self-government, because the guys learn how to attend a democratic dialogue and how to organize better the way of living together.
  5. 5. Services There is the BANK, which is directed by the banker…
  6. 6. … the bazaar, managed by the bazaars…
  7. 7. … the restaurant, directed by the head of the restaurant…
  8. 8. … the church, where is located also the Carroll Abbing’s grave…
  9. 9. … the picture gallery, where are preserved all the works of art made by the guys and donated to the community…
  10. 10. … and also the winery, the barbershop, the theatre, the sports fields and the cheese factory!!