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Welcome to our presentation

  1. 1. MD. HEDAYET ULLAHCourse Coordinator of IBTRA
  2. 2. Topic
  3. 3. Seauli Sultana
  4. 4. Green BankingGreen Banking meansthe eco-friendly orenvironment-friendlybanking . Green Banking
  5. 5. A bankerAnEnvironmentalistA SocialResponsiblePersonas like as aTotalFootballer/anAll RounderGreen Banker
  6. 6.  Green Banking comesas a part of EthicalBanking. Where, an ethical bank,also known as a social,alternative, civic, orsustainable bank, is abank concerned with thesocial andenvironmental impactsof its investments andloans.
  7. 7. In- houseOutside the Office
  9. 9. Waste Management.Clean and hygienic environmentOn line statements, emailingdocumentsInstallation of solar panelSound Pollution
  10. 10.  GREEN BANKING policywill also be implementedwhile giving investment indifferent environmentsensitive sectors. Investment be made toencourage to the outsid ofthe people. Eco-friendly businessactivities and energyefficient industries will begiven preference infinancing by bank.
  11. 11.  Bangladesh Bank will award points to Bankson Management Component while computingCAMELS rating where there will ultimately bea positive impact on overall rating of a Bank. Bangladesh bank will declare the name of TopTen Bank for overall performance in greenbanking activities in the BB website. Bangladesh bank will actively consider greenbanking activities/practices of a Bank whileaccording permission for opening their newbranch.
  12. 12. Formulation of a committeeCreation of a separate UnitIncorporation of Environmental Riskin CRMEmployee TrainingDisclosures and Reporting
  13. 13.  Bangladesh Bank, are to implement Green banking guideline in threephases. These are:Phase-IPhase-IIPhase-III
  14. 14. Phase-I: 31 December,2011.Phase-II: 31 December, 2012.A system of Environmental Managementshould be in place in a Bank to address thewhole eco-system through environmentfriendly initiatives and introducing innovativeproducts which to be done..Phase-III: 31 December, 2013
  15. 15. Asma Akter
  16. 16. BB’s GreenbankingActivitiesBB’s In-houseGreenActivitiesBB’s GreenActivities otherthan In-houseBank’s GreenBankingActivitiesBank’s In-house GreenActivitiesBank’s GreenActivities otherthan In house
  17. 17.  In the endeavor of emission reduction and conservation,different stakeholders have been contributing in differentways. The following graph represents it:NGOs developingguidelinesGreen Products,Internal Environment ManagementBusinessFirmsConsumerIFIs/IGOsdevelopingprinciplesCentralBankformulatingguidelinesGovt.Formulatingguidelines,
  18. 18. IBBL are mainly concentrated in its internaloperations, Investment, Corporate SocialResponsibilities(CSR) activities andautomation.By nature and from Shari‘ah point of view,IBBL has tremendous responsibility forestablishment of environment friendlybanking for the greater interest of themankind and the earth.
  19. 19. GreenMarketingGreenBankingTraining
  20. 20.  Plantation In-houseEnvironmentalManagement WasteManagement Other GreenBanking Position In-houseEnvironmentalManagement
  21. 21.  Waste Management Other GreenBanking Position Energy Management Water Management Environmental RiskAssessment in CRM Green Travel Ethical Banking
  22. 22. Umma Sumaya
  23. 23. Installation of IP PhoneOnline BankingDigitalization of DocumentGreen ProductsBio-Gas PlantsWaste Management InvestmentGreen FinanceGreen Leader
  24. 24. 4 –R principle1.Reduce 2.Reuse3.Recycle 4.Replace
  25. 25. Environmental ProtectionGreenhouse Gas emissionEnergy UseProcurementPaper useWASTE MANAGEMENTWater Management
  26. 26. Today IBBL whatever doing in the greenbanking systems they are completelyinnovative & very much carrying to theclients in the field of performing GreenBanking activities.