Fy zoo tanıtım dosyası 16 haziran 2013 english


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Fy zoo tanıtım dosyası 16 haziran 2013 english

  1. 1. Darıca Faruk Yalcin Zoo and Botanical Garden is located in Darıca equidistant from İstanbul where is the biggest city and from Kocaeli where is the second richest city of Turkey. It takes one hour both from İstanbul and Kocaeli to Darica. Darica is also a place with green areas and fresh air. Our zoo and botanical park is built in a land of 80 acres where the animals and plants live together depicting almost a natural habitat. Thus, visitors can have chance to the animals and the plants together, which is nearly impossible to see them in nature otherwise. Our zoo has 255 animal species over 3000 animals and has 600 plant species over 800 plants living together.
  2. 2. Our mission; To develop natural and environmental awareness, to contribute to the sustainability of animal-plant and human integrity and to increase social sensitivity. To provide the animals and plants under the protection in our zoo with almost real habitats in order to increase their lives quality, to reproduce them with care. Our vision; ‘’A world friend with nature and environment loving the animals and plants’’
  3. 3. Our goals; Our main duty is to work on the protection of nature and environment. To support the reproduction of especially endangered animal and plant species under appropriate conditions, to share the increasing population with other zoos for free. We aim to protect and reproduce the animals and plants which have been endangered especially in Anatolia.
  4. 4. OUR HISTORY Our zoo has been started building in Darica –Bayramoglu in 1990 as the first private Turkish zoo. At the outset, we started collecting the most important species of birds available all around the world with under the title of «Bird Paradise». The park was opened to the public in 1993. The construction and developing of the park took a lot of time, patience and financial power. In addition to the birds, other animal and plant species have been brought to our park since 1995 and also new lands have been added to the park, which is our present view. We have turned our zoo to a structure entertaining children and teaching children about Natural and environmental conservation wtih a new vision since 2010. These services to the public were created without any for of profit.
  5. 5. Our garden is presently in a position of a green island among unplanned constructions as a cultural center where the visitors can rest, have fun and have educational resources. Vets and Biologists keep working in our zoo for animal nutrition, social enrichment breeding and animal diseases and treatments by creating almost similar habitat conditions which animals live in their habitats. As for the plants, the staff employed in landscaping and agriculture branches is assigned to keep and breed the plant species and to create collections of species.
  6. 6. We as Faruk Yalcin zoo and Botanical garden; ● We have been the first full member of EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria)in Turkey for 16 years. Thus, we have been improving and developing our zoo by sharing the quality and application standards and experiences of European Association of Zoos and Aquaria. We exchange our animal species for the animal species of member zoo free of change. Sales of endangered animal species in EAZA is forbidden and we never take animals from nature except the animals needing treatment and care which are officially sent us.
  7. 7. • This is the zoo located on 80 acres of land possessing countless of species with a population of 255 animal species and over 3.000 animals registered by the Ministry of Forestry in our country. 180 animal species we have are endangered and 60 species of them require a critical level of conservation. In addition, there are in our zoo 15 animal species of Anatolia which are endangered.
  8. 8. ● We are «Center for Conservation and Recovery of Wild Animals» licensed by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry of Marmara. The injured animals in need of care, which are found in nature are treated and kept in our animal hospital and quarantine. After their treatments, they are delivered to the executives to be released to nature. In case those animals may not live in nature in spite of the treatments, they are allowed to live in our zoo.
  9. 9. ● We are among the rich botanical gardens with 600 plant species in out country. Half of the botanical diversity we have is exotic species. With this aspect, we are one of the prominent botanical centers of our country and region. Our plant population is over 8000. ● We are «a living center for gene» approaching Fauna and Flora together. Our another approach, is that we have started collecting beneficial and curative medicinal plants for animals. Our garden depicts almost habitats where plants and animals live together.
  10. 10. ● We are an education center In addition to our educations such as conservation of nature and the environment, botany, the importance of biodiversity and the conservation of endangered species we provide in our zoo with student groups in our 3 classrooms each taking 150 students technologically equipped, including interactive and rational learning. Thus, we are in a position of active education center educating the students of pre-school and elementary school, elementary, and middle school and high school, vocational high school and religious high school. In addition, we are the first to deliver an educational presentation called 'Creatures of Our Environment' to students with intellectual disabilities at all levels in the zoos of Turkey. The students recognize animals and plants after our presentation by following our professional guides. The students with intellectual disabilities who benefit from these services are enabled to keep close contact with animals as therapy sessions.