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  • Offshoring in morocco

    1. 1. In Morocco offshorIn g EnglIsh Prepared by: Fatima KAJAMA Sara FARJANI
    2. 2. Plan:  Introduction : What is Offshoring ?  Offshoring : why?  Why Morocco?  Morocco’s offshoring strategy Disadvantages and advantages of Offshoring  Areas dedicated to offshoring ;EX of Casanearshore  Conclusion
    3. 3. Offshoring, what it is? • Offshoring is a type of outsourcing that involves the relocation of a company's business process or processes to a foreign country. Also known as: offshored, overseas, outsourcing • More recently, offshoring has been associated primarily with the sourcing of technical and administrative services supporting domestic and global operations from outside the home country
    4. 4. Offshoring, what it is? This process is done under restrictions and strategies in order to establish consistency with the offshore outsourcing organizations. Many companies nowadays outsource various professional areas in the company such as e-mail services, payroll and call center.
    5. 5. Offshoring, why? The economic logic is to reduce costs. If some people can use some of their skills more cheaply than others, those people have the comparative advantage.
    6. 6. Offshoring, why Morocco? Morocco, Kingdom of Opportunities ! Basic infrastructure-quality line with international standards. Skills-qualified. Low labor costs.
    7. 7. Offshoring, why Morocco? A strong commitment and willingness of governments to promote offshoring and encourage IDE Liberalization reforms and regulatory support and a favorable business climate. Telecom sector offers powerful and diverse services.
    8. 8. Morocco’s Offshoring strategy With businesses bent on reducing their cost base, Morocco’s aim is becoming a leading provider of offshore services and the preferred destination for the francophone and Spanish markets, betting on offshore services to spur growth and job creation.
    9. 9. Morocco’s Offshoring strategy The lines of forces of this strategy are: • Make Morocco a leader in the French and Hispanic nearshore ; • Implement a balanced development strategy, in the medium-term, by the introduction of competitive framework conditions (education, sectoral framework, infrastructure, promotion).
    10. 10. DISADVANTAGES OF OFFSHORING • Offshoring carries with it the possibility of the loss of managerial control. • There are often hidden costs involved in offshoring that are difficult to prepare for or calculate. • Offshoring can create a potential threat to security and confidentiality. • Offshoring could result in a possible loss of flexibility in rapidly reacting to changing business conditions.
    11. 11. DISADVANTAGES OF OFFSHORING Morooco! Offshoring will make developped countries more developped and leave developing countries among poverty : They will remain dependent on other countries  modern colonialism and imperialism. Competition from poor countries to receive large corporations gradually reduce benefits.
    12. 12. •Offshoring center for Europe’s French and Spanish speaking companies; •Morrocco has captured almost half of the fledgling market for call centers serving French speaking companies •from 2003-2018: business process Offshoring in Morocco could add 0.3 percent annually to its GDP growth and create a total of some 100000 new jobs Morocco’s offshoring advantages
    13. 13. Morocco’s offshoring advantages •Morocco is in a strong position compared with competitors such as Mauritius, Senegal and Tunisia; •Low cost and effective multilingual labor; •supply and modern, liberalized telecoms sector; •in order to create an attractive business environment for multinational companies, Morocco is lunching a few special development zones, or "nearshore centers”;
    14. 14. Areas dedicated to offshoring As part of the offer offshoring, the government provided for the establishment of five special areas dedicated to the industry. These areas will offer serviced offices, connected to a fiber network and ancillary services (restaurants, office administration) at a cost lower than those outside.
    15. 15. Areas dedicated to offshoring Two sites managed by a subsidiary of the “Caisse de Depots et de Gestion” are already under construction: Casashore, located in Casablanca near the international airport, and Rabat Technopolis, the administrative capital. Several large corporations such as TATA, Bull, Capgemini, AXA and BNP Paribas, have already booked space.
    16. 16. OFFSHORING ZONES Casashore Tangershore Fez shore Rabat Technopolis
    17. 17. OFFSHORING ZONES Casashore An internalional study recently conducted by the French bank has demonstrated that : Casashore is already in the top 5 offshore destinations preferred by French operators. Of 37 cities around the world available to operators interested in speaking offshoring, Casablanca is cited as the most attractive destination in the nearshore. As for the offshore, Casablanca is rapidly arriving in the top five alongside the world-famous destinations, including three in India: Hyderabad, New Delhi and Bombay.
    18. 18. OFFSHORING ZONES Casashore Some good reasons to settle in Casanearshore An abundant pool of skilled human resources at very competitive costs Offices and buildings at the forefront of technology and ergonomics Rents below the market price of Morocco and much less than those in Europe . Telecom infrastructure "Carrier Grade" peak in partnership with national and international operators .
    19. 19. OFFSHORING ZONES Casashore Some good reasons to settle in Casanearshore: The proximity of the business center of Casablanca already recognized worldwide and the Mohammed V International Airport which offers dozens of daily connections to Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Taxation and special government assistance to reduce operating costs and offering costs cheaper than Europe.
    20. 20. Conclusion Infrastructure to international standards, financial and tax incentives, grants and subsidies for training ... Are all this going to convince operators to settle in Morocco?
    21. 21. Webography     