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Nez Perce Tribal Enterprises


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Nez Perce Tribal Enterprises

  1. 1. Nez Perce<br />Tribal Enterprises<br />Gaming<br />Lodging<br />Tourism<br />Fuel<br />Events<br />17500 Nez Perce Road<br />Lewiston, ID 83501<br />Ph. 208.746.0723<br /><br />
  2. 2. Welcome to Nimiipuu Country…<br />
  3. 3. We seek to promote the well-being of our people, <br />the continuity of our culture, and the protection of our land.<br />
  4. 4. Nez Perce Tribe<br /><ul><li>Federally recognized as a sovereign government.
  5. 5. Reservation occupying 3 states was reduced to it’s current size of 750,000 acres by the Treaty of 1863 (now lies solely in North Central Idaho)
  6. 6. Approximately 3,500 tribal members
  7. 7. Employs more than 900 people</li></li></ul><li>Nez Perce Tribal Departments<br />Administration: Information Systems, Housekeeping, Plant Maintenance, Safety, Community Centers<br />Department of Natural Resources: Cultural Resources, Environmental Restoration & Waste Management, Forestry, Land Services, Snake River Currents, Water Resources, Wildlife.<br />Education: Early Childhood Development Program, Higher Education, Students for Success, Tribal Employment Rights Office, Distance Learning Centers, Vocational Rehabilitation<br />Executive Direction: Human Resources, Economic Development, Planning, Transportation<br />Fisheries: Resource Management, Conservation & Enforcement, Habitat & Watershed Division, Harvest Division, Production Division, Research Division, Resident Fish Division<br /> <br />Social Services Administration: BIA Welfare, Children’s Home & Advocacy Center, Financial Assistance, Indian Child Welfare, Child Protection, Senior Citizens, TANF, Commodities<br />Legal Services: Office of Legal Council<br />Tribal Court, Prosecutor’s Office ,Tribal Police Department<br />Finance<br />Housing Authority<br />Niimiipuu Health: Medical, Dental, Behavioral Health, Community Health, Contract Health, Diabetes Prevention Program & Wellness Center<br /> <br />
  8. 8. Nez Perce <br />Tribal Enterprises<br />600 + progressive gaming machines<br />Itse’Ye Ye Casino (Kamiah, Idaho)<br />Smoking and Nonsmoking gaming floors<br />Daily promotions, prizes, drawings<br />Luxury hotel and suites, indoor pool<br />RV Park & Swimming Pool<br />Nez Perce Express (Fuel / Convenient Store)<br />Camas Express (Fuel / Convenient Store)<br />24 Hour Deli Service<br />Jackpot Bingo<br />Exciting promotions & events<br />Riverside Restaurant<br />River Oasis Lounge<br />
  9. 9. Economic <br />Development<br />Expansion Areas<br /><ul><li>Additional hotel rooms
  10. 10. Convention Center Space
  11. 11. Gaming Floor Space
  12. 12. Ampitheater
  13. 13. Hiking Trails
  14. 14. Cabin Lodging
  15. 15. Cultural Center
  16. 16. Boat Dock
  17. 17. Itse’ Ye Ye Casino Additions
  18. 18. Camas Express
  19. 19. Tribal Unit 45
  20. 20. Retail Center </li></li></ul><li>Current Expansion <br />Camas Express <br />
  21. 21. Expansion Phases <br />
  22. 22. Phase I – Floorplan<br />
  23. 23. Economic Strategies<br />Develop Aht’Wy Plaza: Design an Events Center & Retail complex with more services and gaming floor space.<br />Camas Express Truck Stop: Expand into a full service Truck Stop & Convenience store.<br />Its-ye-ye Bingo & Casino: Initiate a comprehensive expansion.<br />Wholesale Distribution: Re-establish traditional trade routes & partnerships.<br />Retail & Tourism Center at T.U. 45 on Hwy 12: Develop a culture center to highlight Ni MiiPuu culture.<br />Training: Provide classes & training for tribal members to pursue entrepreneurships.<br />Bio-Mass: Feasibility of Bio-mass or energy production<br />Diversify Communities: Seek funding for a financial institution; retail/ manufacturing businesses<br />Land purchase: Develop strategies to expand our economic opportunities & culturally significant sites.<br />Financial Planning: To secure equity & debt financing for major projects.<br />Tourism: To provide scenic tours to Nez Perce cultural historic & economic sites.<br />
  24. 24. Contact Information<br />Executive Officer<br />Ms. Jamie Olson<br />General Manager<br />Ms. Cheryl Cunningham<br /><br />Marketing Director<br />Mr. Jamie White<br /><br />Hotel Director<br />Ms. Charlotte Covers Up<br /><br />R&D Specialist<br />Mr. Anthony Johnson<br /><br />Economic Planner<br />Ms. Lilly Kauffman<br /><br />