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What's Solar Power Worth?


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A presentation on the value of solar calculation being investigated by the Minnesota Department of Commerce as a part of the state's new solar energy law.

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What's Solar Power Worth?

  1. 1. WHAT’S SOLAR WORTH? Bringing Minnesota’s value(s) to solar Presentation to MinnesotaValue of Solar Stakeholder Workshop - Oct. 1, 2013 John Farrell, Director of Democratic Energy
  2. 2. • 2007 Next Generation Energy Act: goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 and that state should pursue “the development and use of renewable energy resources wherever possible.” BACKGROUND
  3. 3. • 2013 Energy Omnibus law includes “a Minnesota energy future study on how Minnesota can achieve a sustainable energy system that does not rely on the burning of fossil fuels.” BACKGROUND
  4. 4. GOODVALUE? How is the Department’s proposed methodology?
  5. 5. ENERGY It’s real in Ohio and Germany
  6. 6. LOSSES • But, high load means higher losses. Can we account for that?
  7. 7. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT? • No coal • No uranium • No gas
  8. 8. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT! Worth ratepayer investment
  10. 10. ENVIRONMENTAL Source: EDFSolar solves fossil fuel cross subsidies!
  11. 11. ENVIRONMENTAL • Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) • Carbon Pollution Standards for the Power Sector Solar solves fossil fuel cross subsidies!
  12. 12. ENVIRONMENTAL Social Cost of Carbon $0 $30 $60 $90 $120 $150 Solar solves fossil fuel cross subsidies!
  13. 13. RELIABILITY / RESILIENCE Solar can save money
  14. 14. RELIABILITY / RESILIENCE Solar can save money (for utility, too)
  15. 15. TIMEFRAME The warranty lasts this long, value is even longer
  16. 16. DISCOUNT RATE A good proxy for the value of social benefits over time
  17. 17. HEDGING What is certainty worth?
  18. 18. TRANSPARENCY • Utility inputs, too! Transparency solves a national debate
  19. 19. LEARN MORE johnffarrell