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September 21 ppt


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fudan 21 journalism class

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September 21 ppt

  1. 1. news writing and reporting lara farrar september 21, 2012 september 21, 2012 september 21, 2012
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Part I.Journalism in the Internet Age The challenges and the opportunities The challenges and the opportunities The challenges and the opportunities
  4. 4. Journalism matters. We live in a much more interconnected world where information is ever- more critical to our lives... Yet at the same timejournalism is itself undergoing profound changes for social, economic and technological reasons. - Charlie Beckett
  5. 5. Some StatisticsAs of 2010, 166 newspapers in the United States have closed.Since 2001, an estimated 15,000 journalists have lost their jobs in theUnited Kingdom.A 2010 study found that from 2007 to 2009, newspaper circulationdropped in many developed countries - 25 percent in the UK, 30 percentin the US and 17 percent in Canada.The Newspaper Association of America reports $798 million in printlosses for the first half of 2012 compared to the same period a year ago.There was a $32 million gain in digital. The ratio of losses to gains is 25to 1.Over the last five years, an average of 15 papers, or just about 1% of theindustry, has vanished each year. A growing number of executivespredict that in five years many newspapers will offer a print home-delivered newspaper only on Sunday, and perhaps one or two other daysa week that account most print ad revenue.
  6. 6. Signs of the Times: Closures, LayoffsThe New York Times is considering selling the BostonGlobe, once a flagship newspaper of the UnitedStates.In 2009, the Rocky Mountain News, Colorado’s oldestnewspaper closed.In 2012, The Times-Picayune announced it would cutback print circulation to three days a week.Drastic decline of foreign news bureaux.
  7. 7. Part II. The Changing Role of the Journalist
  8. 8. Diverse skills - writing, editing, video, audio, photoSocial media: Knowledge of how to promote yourselfand how to use social media for your work - lookingfor news, analyzing comments, engaging withreaders and creating sources.Citizen journalism - the democratization of newsproduction and new forms of audience engagement,cooperation
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  11. 11. WIKILEAKS
  12. 12. How are journalists using social media in China?
  13. 13. Part III. New BusinessModels for Journalism (?)
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  15. 15. Part IV. Innovative Projects
  16. 16. Part V. What’s Next?
  17. 17. MOBILE!
  18. 18. The move toward mobile holds some promising options for newsproducers. To capitalize on it the industry will need to do a better jobthan it did in the desktop realm of quickly coming to understandaudience behavior and developing technology and revenue models toadapt to it.
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  20. 20. Questions?