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Farooq Omar 
Contact: 03349932571 
LinkedIn URL: 
Academia (Instructional): Academic innovation of specialized courses for HEI MBA & 
EMBA programs tailored to the needs of...
· Project consultant in Competition commission of Pakistan (CCP), Federal 
Government, Islamabad. Competitive scenario (Ev...
· Pakistan Institute of Management – (Conducted Seminars and Corporate 
· Ittefaq Sugar Mills as a System Des...
Degree Program 
· MBA- International Business (Honor Certification) California State University 
Bakersfield. Ru...
· Strategy Consulting Group. Top Badge Holder 
· Strategic Planning Society (SPS) ™ USA 
· Harvard Business Review (HBR) T...
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Farooq Omar CV 2014


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Description of Core competencies, learning curve and professional achievements internationally and in local conditions
Professional global associations and capacity as a professional corporate management consultancy , Executive coach, trainer and business development innovator. Strategy writer in ' competitive and non competitive scenarios.

Expert in providing problem business problem solving solutions which are case sensitive and centrism, Total solution for organizational comprehensive strategic management process. .

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Farooq Omar CV 2014

  1. 1. Farooq Omar Contact: 03349932571 Email: LinkedIn URL: Location: Lahore, Pakistan Industry: Management Consultancy, Academics & Corporate Synopsis · Over 25 years in corporate world across the globe and over 7 years in academia. Taken and executed various assignments of World Bank, UNDP. Mentor and designer of large public and private sector organizations including The Bank of Punjab & Shaikh Zayed Hospital. Achieving multibillion dollar “value addition" for the associated entities. Designer of National Commodity Exchange, Karachi · Worked as a Change & Management Process consultant, system planning, Strategy crafting and implementation and control systems for various organizations surpassing the requisite objectives. Strategic problem identification & problem solving, corporate & business level strategy framework design in competitive & noncompetitive scenarios, Business modeling and strategy – product positioning, HR – delivery modeling consultancy for various Organizations. · Worked and still working as Corporate Management Trainer and Consultant catering important sectors of the economy. Mindset Highly Analytic, Problem Solver and Growth seeker for the stakeholders involved. Strategic Out of the Box Thinker and Model creator to specifics. Strategy Writer and Business process design and execution. Critical and innovative thinker for crafting & designing customized business models, scorecards, and competitive scenario canvas. Outcome based academic and instructional coach & mentor. Specialization and Competencies Business & Corporate applied Business Strategy & Policy and Organization Re-design & change Management Systems, formulate, plan and implementation of counter-competitive strategies, growth strategies and environmental scanning & positioning and Value Chain specialist. Startups, Brand creation, Growth strategies, Organizational control systems, Analytics, Value chain specialist. Services dominance Modeling (SRM) and management processes. Strategic Management Audit of business process, Goal Planning and Implementation.
  2. 2. Academia (Instructional): Academic innovation of specialized courses for HEI MBA & EMBA programs tailored to the needs of the emerging trends of local & international corporate sector with latest expertise & skill based coaching & learning course/class environment. Open and close focused highly evaluated lectures, seminars and trainings for students and professionals. ________________________________________________________________________ Academic Teaching Experience Worked as a faculty and knowledge unit head, School of Business & Economics (SBE) at the University of Management & Technology. Introduced the system of Outcome & Out of the Box based Teaching & Learning and Outcome Based Expertise Development System, based on ‘Gamification’ concepts. Created and taught three new upper 600 level courses apart from regular upper level MBA Electives courses. Created innovative strategies for coaching the participants, to add create more efficient institutional core competencies for better corporate & industrial acceptance and upgrade the brand value - Up gradation of organizational academic ranking. September 2008 to April 2012. · HEI Specialized areas (Courses Taught) – Business policy & Strategy, Change Management, International Business, Transnational Management, Organizational Theory & Design, International Marketing, Corporate & Management Consultancy and Blue Ocean Strategy at UMT. · Business Strategy, SME Management and International Business Management at University of South East Asia, and acting associate dean. August 2007 to May 2008. · Visiting Faculty at Preston University – Taught Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior, and Business communication, International Management International Marketing, Services Marketing, Marketing Tactics, Organizational Behavior and Public Speaking to Executive MBA students. · Visiting Faculty University of Central Punjab (UCP) and NUML– Instructor of Business Policy and Strategy & Corporate Governance. Current: · Member of the team and advisors of Global Strategic Management ™-© Project (forum), U.K. The purpose is to offer professional disciplines with a roadmap of plans that prioritize the work required to bridge the gap between the current state of strategy, and strategy as a profession. At present there is no professional body with accreditation for teaching ‘Strategy’- teaching in HEI’s as well as its practice. The society is being built around ‘Evidence Based Management & Practice concept (EBM & P) and will be continuously empirically tested before implementation. · Currently assisting in writing 2nd edition By Dr. Willy A. Sussland. (Switzerland) Title: ‘Innovative Enterprise’.
  3. 3. · Project consultant in Competition commission of Pakistan (CCP), Federal Government, Islamabad. Competitive scenario (Evidence based industrial practices) · Research project contributor : Sloan School of Business (MIT) Notable Work Associations & Experience · Singer Corporation. Aerospace division U.S.A. (Project team executive) · Gordon Corporation. Houston, Texas U.S.A. (Business Consultant) · World Bank, IDA. Head office Washington DC. U.S.A. (Developmental projects & reporting) · UNDP. TIPS Program. Rome, Italy. (worldwide technology sharing project) · Sinclair computing system. U.K. ( Innovation management) · Project Startup: Chief system designer of Shaikh Zayed Hospital Lahore. Chief Project & system designer and implementer) · Nestle Pakistan (Designing nationwide marketing and distribution networks and managing important functions, Directly reporting to the CEO · Chief system architect of (now) National Commodity Exchange) of Pakistan, Karachi. · LUMS- Academic assistant to the Dean and Teaching Fellow for Business Policy and Strategy. Cases writer. · Project Startup Consultant: The Bank of Punjab. Responsible for designing and implementing Multi-Billion Rupees investments, and Organizational Design. Hired over 1000 workforce from grade III to Executive Cadre. · Consultant to various private industrial organizations. · Project Consultant to Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) Federal Government of Pakistan. · Corporate Trainer PITAC for Industrial and Corporate Training seminars. · Management Association of Pakistan – Conducted Seminars · National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA) (Customized seminars & workshops)
  4. 4. · Pakistan Institute of Management – (Conducted Seminars and Corporate Workshops). · Ittefaq Sugar Mills as a System Designer of C-Suite control systems) · Special consultant to various financial institutions. (New Product & service designs and venture negotiations} · Defense and related organizations assisting highly advanced project startups and Change Management, multitude of several thousand head counts. · Representative of Barrett Inc., U.S.A. (Night Vision Equipment Manufactures and US Defense Contractor and many others. ________________________________________________________________________ Skills & Expertise · Business Strategy & Policy · Crafting competitive & noncompetitive lean strategies (ROS & BOS) · Project startups · Change Management · Organizational branding & growth · Business analytics and Development · Scenario building, simulations and Gamification · International Money Markets · Evidence Based Management and Practice (EBmgt &P) · Strategic Planning · Value Chain & Customer pull Frameworks · Innovative Business strategies · Corporate Management Consultancy · Corporate Branding · Business Process Trainer for executive development programs-Lead trainer
  5. 5. Academia Degree Program · MBA- International Business (Honor Certification) California State University Bakersfield. Runner up in US business Strategy, American Inter Universities Business Simulation Games · Activities and Societies Memberships: California Direct Marketing Associations, USA. Education-Executive Specialized Programs from the senior faculty of · Imd : Switzerland · EDP: Corporate Training (Gamification) · Activities: Scenario Building and Business Simulations · Harvard Business School (Faculty- Dr. Lou Wells) · EDP: Scenario and International Business simulations · W harton School of Business (Faculty- Dr. Ed Felton) · EDP: Business Strategy (Gamification & simulation) · McGill · EDP : Business Scenario writing and Analytics (Faculty & trainers- Dr. .Austin & Mr. Murphy) Recent Notable International Conferences attended · International Management Conference (HR without limits. Guest Speaker (Henry Mintzberg) Montreal, Canada. September, 2010 · Conference on Change Management (Prosci ADKAR), Miami, Florida, USA. August 2009. · International conference on Industrial competition, sponsored by USAID and Government of Pakistan, Islamabad. September 2011. Memberships and Associations Business Improvement, Change Management & Performance ™ (Global) · International Management Consultants Board ™ IMCB ™ · Forbes Leadership · Coachingourselves©™, world’s top rated Leadership and Management development by Henry Mintzberg & Phil Nier. McGill University, Canada · Board Member of Strategic Management forum (Global)™ and Top contributor · Strategy Reading Group (SRG) Virginia, USA. ™ Top contributor badge holder · Blue Ocean Strategy ™ (Certified) Practitioners) · Strategy Dynamics Network (SDN)™ USA · Managing Performance .USA · Future Trends ™(USA) Top Contributor · Strategy and Management C onsultants ™ USA
  6. 6. · Strategy Consulting Group. Top Badge Holder · Strategic Planning Society (SPS) ™ USA · Harvard Business Review (HBR) Top contributor & Badge Holder (2014) · Strategy Reading Group (USA)™ Top contributor world wide · Strategic Planning Exchange ™ USA · Business consulting group (BT) Certified Business consultant (CBC)™ · Strategy Professional Network™-© USA (Top contributor and Badge holder in many worldwide discussion forums) · Strategy Consulting Network™ USA (Top contributor and Badge holder in various worldwide discussion platforms) · Worldwide Management Consultants (WMC)™ Largest society and business consultant Network worldwide · Association of Management Consulting Firms (AMCF)™ USA · Manage- 12 International Executive Fast Track Association(Holland)™ · PROSCI Change Management Expert Panel™ (USA) · Blue Ocean Strategy International Special Interest Group™ · AAPM ® American Academy of Project Management ® · American Association of Project Management (AAPM) Academy of Project Management) worldwide accredited and certified™ _____________________________________________________________________ Honors and Awards · Selected by WHO's WHO of International Professionals (USA) in 1998 for contribution in innovating strategies in financial derivatives. And, to assist the investors in various International Stocks, Commodities and Money Markets. · Professional Endorsement from world group of elite business professionals, authors and consultants, like Richard Straub – President Peter Ducker Group. Phil Nier, President ‘Mintzberg’ coaching ourselves initiative. Rod King – The creator and author of Red Ocean Disruptions (ROD), and new breed of crafting ‘Blue Ocean Strategies and Modeling. · Psychometric Strengths : Flexible, Negotiator, Leader, Critical and forward thinker. Creativity & Innovative and Analytical Managerial capacity par excellence. Problem solver and Proactive. Goal achiever. __________________________________________________
  7. 7. References can be provided as and when needed