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This presenatation give give you an overview of managing the monsoon havoc.

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Mtf For Ulb

  1. 1. MONSOON TASK FORCE (MTF) A presentation Showing the model in developing the solution to mitigate the Monsoon Issues Prepared & Presented By: Farook A Azam (Infrastructure Consultant - BIG)
  2. 2. Contents 2 What is Monsoon Task Fore (MTF) What is the necessity of MTF Problem identification tool Issues regarding Monsoon Solution development and Approach MTF Model development and implementation 7/8/2009
  3. 3. Monsoon Task Force (MTF) 3 MTF will be the initiative from the ULB’s to tackle the problems which create havoc during Rainy Season for most of the ULB’s around the Nation. This MTF solution is not only unique but also develops customized innovative solution for the INDIAN conditions and to the international city like Bangalore and its prestigious Governing Body i.e. BBMP 7/8/2009
  4. 4. What is the necessity of MTF 4 • Due to floods, water entering into low lying area’s • Loss of money, material and time Floods • Lakes over flow or flooded during rainy season • Due to rains there are severe traffic jams and accidents • Tree falls are common during rainy season Accidents • Death s, due to floods and heavy down pour • Winning the citizens confidence and brand building Citizen • To get rid of problems and to improve the ULB’s image • Citizens want proper services, because they pay for it well in advance Concern 7/8/2009
  5. 5. 5 Problem Identification Tool 7/8/2009
  6. 6. How to find out the Problems ? And what tool to use to identify the Problems ? These are the questions that come to our MINDS.... 6 7/8/2009
  7. 7. Problems are identified though “Fish Bone Diagram” / Ishikawa Diagram 7 At tail of the fish bone we take ULB/BBMP (the governing body of the city) and at head of the fish bone is the Goal or Vision of BBMP/ULB which is to be achieved i.e the citizens satisfaction and providing world class services. The intermediate fish bones are be used to identify the elements involved in the ULB/BBMP which are not responding and are causing problems to achieve the Goal / Vision of ULB / BBMP. 7/8/2009
  8. 8. Problems are identified though “Fish Bone Diagram” / Ishikawa Diagram 8 Monsoon BBMP Havoc If you want to know the elements which causes issues to achieve the Goal and Vision of the Organization just click next 7/8/2009
  9. 9. Problems are identified though “Fish Bone Diagram” / Ishikawa Diagram 9 SYSTEM MACHINES MEN Monsoon BBMP Havoc METHODS TECHNOLOGY MATERIAL 7/8/2009
  10. 10. Problem identification contd.. 10 • Improper •No systematic •Least safety • No MIS usage planning • Use of •Lack use of proactive precautions • No project are taken tracking MACHINE TECHNOLOGY MATERIAL METHODS SYSTEM MEN • Lack of obsolete modern day plan is machines developed to • traditional software's used approach equipments • No up tackle centralised • no proper • Not clear • Least safety monsoon Governance scientific WBS precaution gradation, methods used repair and •GAP in • in-efficient • lack of s are taken methods used working of • age old maintenance methods of quality in • Un- of existing to manage hierarchy the Jobs systematic • poor contract documentation machines and • age old •No MRP or ERP performed way of equipments management standards • lack of material followed • no PEP for •No style Engineers and positive handling customised • not adopting • No PMC’s are top official attitude • No first aid vehicles to professional hired done • human kit in BBMP handle the approach in • diversification • No GPS or errors vehicles flood resolving from core GIS is used situations problems working • Lack of • Manual is not trained available manpower 7/8/2009
  11. 11. 11 Working out a Solution for Monsoon Problems can be divided into two elements, one is called as low end problems and other can be called as High end problems 7/8/2009
  12. 12. Problem solving model for BBMP - MTF 12 Low End Problems BBMP One MTF Solution High End Problems 7/8/2009
  13. 13. One shot solution 13 Improving the working of “problem causing entities” One Solution Solving critical problems ranked as per any one of the basic quality control tools, such as histogram, check sheet, control chart, cause-and-effect diagram, flowchart, Pareto analysis and scatter diagram. 7/8/2009
  14. 14. Cause & Effect Diagram: one of the approaches for generating solution 14 BBMP MTF Solutions to the Problems can be worked out though “Fish Bone Diagram / Ishikawa Diagram “ 7/8/2009
  15. 15. BBMP MTF • Change the working from centralised to decentralised • Outsourcing • Hiring Project Management Consultants for implementation of projects 15 7/8/2009
  16. 16. BBMP MTF • Customised vehicle to carry equipments of MTF • Automated mechanical axe saw blades to cut trees fallen due to rains. • cranes attached to vehicle • walky-talky, wireless communications etc • Generator & water pump 16 7/8/2009
  17. 17. BBMP MTF • 3 to 4 well trained staff • This staff should be fully trained to carry out multiple tasking, in coordination with Engineer @ control room. • MTF should work around the clock in different shifts, Including the Call centre. Lesser number of staff to work at night and in case of emergency only 17 7/8/2009
  18. 18. • Adopting TQM for the whole process • QA need to be implemented at every stage of the work • feed back from citizens and customer services centre to help out citizens • adopting KIAZEN technique i.e. continuous improvement in the process will always help • Documentation has to be made compulsory and MTF people need to maintain a mandatory field book which is up-to-date BBMP MTF 18 7/8/2009
  19. 19. • First aid box & safety tools (helmets, belts) • construction equipment like arre, gudhli, shawls , bandli etc • sign boards, diversion boards, tapers (all of which should be made of radium/ glowing material) • Ropes & cables, net, ladder, Big lamps, Glow lights, torches • safety jackets, Radium jackets for BBMP workers & staff, rubber shoe and hand glows • Loud speaker and hand signal lights • Gas welding, fire extinguishers and other tools and equipments BBMP which are necessary MTF 19 7/8/2009
  20. 20. • Implementing Management Information System (MIS) on daily, weekly and monthly basis at different verticals • implementation of ERP to BBMP will help at a large extent. • Call centre for citizen’s help • through Call centre reverting back to citizens to confirm the state of works being done and especially calling back to citizens who had complained to take their feed-back. • adopting Project Management software to have a track on projects. • Creating a bulk e-mail ID for all its engineers and officers for BBMP easy interaction • Giving the blackberry to MTF staff to send online messages and MTF complaints • implementation of GPS , GIS and vehicle tracking system 20 7/8/2009
  21. 21. Suggestions for MTF Helpline vehicle 21 BBMP 7/8/2009
  22. 22. Suggestions for MTF vehicles 22 7/8/2009
  23. 23. On the top a hydrolic crane need to attached to lift vehicles or Danger & heavy materials from floods glow light should be there for the MTF vehicle 23 7/8/2009
  24. 24. This vehicle will become citizen’s delight and BBMP’s PRIDE Can accommodate all the 4 to 5 staff members in side easily The MTF vehicle should be light in weight, compact, powerful and which 24 can easily enter small lanes as well 7/8/2009
  25. 25. Suggestions for MTF Vehicles - showing the inner and outer body of a customised vehicle 25 Call for help : 1111 BBMP-MTF 7/8/2009
  26. 26. Low End we have discussed Problems solutions only for the low end Problems i.e. for residential & townships. BBMP MTF High End Problems • High End problems include Strom water drains & Nala, Lakes over flow, Rain water harvesting plan for city • VIP Route to be kept out from flooding • Tech Parks and Industrial Units & industrial Parks • Shops, Markets and shopping malls etc 26 7/8/2009
  27. 27. Disaster management Plan 27 Floods and Monsoon • The entire plan is called as disaster management plan. building accidents , pollution etc • Which we need to concentrate on to fight with any kind of unknown Accidents & emergencies disaster. Earth Quake , • we need to be very proactive and Fire accidents well equipped. • Disaster Management Plan is very Emergencies much necessary for any city in INDIA during terrorist attack & war’s etc for its growth and development 7/8/2009
  28. 28. About BIG 28 Bangalore Infrastructure Group (BIG), Is a registered company. one of the leading Solution providers in the field of Infrastructure Development, Construction & Project Management. With its vision to create a world class Infrastructure for sustainable development. BIG provides consultancy services in all infrastructure sectors including Urban Governance and Infrastructure management. 7/8/2009
  29. 29. Thank You For more details Contact : Farook A Azam (MBA-IM,PGDIM,BE) E-mail : Mobile : +91-9739860495 | Telephone: +91 80 2666 9318 (W) / 65687618 (R) Address: BIG, # 72, 4th A cross, Ilyas Nagar, J.P.Nagar Post, Bangalore 560 078 , INDIA 29 7/8/2009