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Lessons learnt. Community museums | Zoe Gealy


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Conferentie 'Het aanpakken van armoede door middel van erfgoed. Naar een raamwerk voor gemeenschapsmusea', 7 december 2016 @ Huis van Alijn, Gent

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Lessons learnt. Community museums | Zoe Gealy

  1. 1. Lessons Learnt Community Museums Zoe Gealy Senior Learning Oficer Amgueddfa Cymru/National Museums Wales
  2. 2. “Wales is extraordinarily rich in culture and heritage, and if local communities can draw more deeply on these resources, they can help to raise achievement, reduce poverty and foster pride in community. The foundations are all there. What is needed is common purpose and clear frameworks to enable people to work together creatively.” Baroness Kay Andrews OBE
  3. 3. Don’t re-invent the wheel
  4. 4. ASK…..  What communities want/need?  Look at other local provision  Check days  Suitable timing?  Where?  Transport
  5. 5. Pride in Penderry – Community Museum
  6. 6. Pride in Penderry – Kids in Museums Takeover Day
  7. 7. PARTNERSHIP Communities First Housing staff Local Librarian
  8. 8. Time to manage it? Time to set up? Popular times to visit?
  10. 10. Realistic & Achievable
  11. 11. ‘You can’t force people to like the things that you do’ Gregor Henderson – Director of Wellbeing and Mental Health at public health England
  12. 12. Ownership Self Sustained Communal facility
  13. 13. Main things we have learnt…so far • Build flexibility into your methodology • Find out what your partners agendas are – can you link to them? • Catch your hare - get the coordinators on board first. • Devise projects that link to 2,3 or more different agendas • Don’t re-invent the wheel – use what you have. Hook in to what others are doing already • Take advantage of unexpected events • Check that your project is realistic and achievable.
  14. 14. • Work in Partnership whenever possible – work shared is halved. • Use expertise from other departments within your organisation and keep all informed in the loop. • Attend other people’s events to target hardest to reach audiences in their comfort zone • Stay flexible and adaptable • Regularly review how you approach projects and how you evaluate. • Keep an eye on what is affecting your partners - ie. changes to the way the local authority can operate under times of extreme financial stringency. Review charging policies regularly.
  15. 15. What happens next Welsh Government funding • Amgueddfa Cymru has to adjust to new funding amount from Welsh government Local Authorities • Changes in how Welsh Govt asks councils to work with communities in areas of deprivation • Possible phased closure of Communities First structure locally. National Waterfront Museum • Keeps targeting CF areas with its special outreach programmes • Keeps working in partnership